1. Eric Payne says

    I saw this on TV Line’s website (, which has a listing of the complete cast, as well as naming the cast’s dance partners.

    I’ll ask, here, the same question I asked there, as well as at

    Why is Martina Navratilova’s dance partner male? She came out of the closet decades ago. Can the producers not find a female “professional partner” to dance with her?

    (According to TV Line, Navratilova’ partner is Tony Dovolani.)

  2. Eric Payne says

    @Rex Munch – If she went out dancing in her private life, what gender would her dance partner be? As you said: They’re dancing. Not having sex. So why should her dance partner be male?

    @Charlie – it’s Sara Gilbert, Not Melissa, that’s gay. Melissa just getting out of a 20+ year marriage from actor Bruce Boxleitner.

  3. Rex Mundi says

    @Eric Payne: But this is not her dancing at a club. This is a competition based on traditional forms of dance, where all dancing partners need to be judged based on the same criteria.

    A lesbian doing the tango with a man is not some affront to homosexuality.

  4. Eric Payne says

    @Rex Mundi – All I’m asking is why she’s partnered with a male professional… but now, I also wonder why you’re adamant the couples on this show be mixed-gender teams.

    Obviously, Martina is okay with it, or she wouldn’t be doing the show. I just want the backstory… was a female partner even considered?

    Part of the beauty of a good dance team is the translation of sexual chemistry/tension between the couple being translated into the movement of the dance. With a male partner, Martina is going to be starting each dance in a “negative” position… “negative” meaning that chemistry will be absent her performance.

  5. Rex Mundi says

    For me, the issue is less about the idea of tradition, and more about the fact that you’d have a big muscular guy like Maksim lifting people over his head and competing against two much smaller women.

  6. says

    I’m pretty sure Martina had some say in the gender of her dance partner. Personally I think a male dance partner will bring out the competitive side of Martina. I’ll watch the show for her but only her.

  7. Kamikapse says

    Funny, how when it’s a lesbian it’s suddenly “not so important” that she’s paired up with another female, since they’re just dancing not having sex.

    I’m sure those people would be singing a different tune, if a gay male was on the show.

  8. Rex Mundi says

    @KAMIKAPSE: I assure you, I’d feel the same way. Who doesn’t love seeing a gay man dancing with a scantily-dressed, overly tan woman? That’s the principle of a great number of gay bars in this world.

  9. Sarina says

    What ever happened to Louis Von Amstel? This is the second season he’s not in. Given that he’s the only openly gay dancer on the show, I find that to be sad.

  10. Eric Payne says

    @Kamikapse — Lance Bass did the show, with a female partner… which was ironic given he was added to the cast because of the publicity of his coming out…

    He didn’t win. I believe actress/model/former reality game show host Brooke Burns won.

  11. Andy says

    I’ve never watched the show, but I am a huge admirer of the great Martina Navratilova, and I will make it a point to watch this season.

    P.S. It would’ve been kinda funny if they’d hired Chris Evert to compete on the same season…

  12. Paul R says

    So it’s her and 11 people who I’ve never heard of or known about? Well that sounds fascinating.

    Though I saw her play a couple years back, and though her lines were a bit canned, she was charming. Also met her at a charity event in 1992 shortly after she came out, and she was the same. And the amount of knowledge that I have about tennis could fit into a very tiny little bottle.

  13. Jere says

    Ballroom dancing is a sport/activity that is defined by male/female pairings. This is because male and female bodies have differing (and hopefully) complementary strengths and weaknesses. Also, some of the dances have specific moves for the dancer of one sex or the other. While it may be anathema to identify things in this way for the gays, if a same-sex pairing was allowed, there would have to be constant clarification as to which partner is the “man” and which is the “woman” in any particular routine. As has been said above, it’s not about what these folks do in their bedrooms, it’s about how things work on the dancefloor.

  14. Jesterka says

    Jen doufám Martino, že některé z těchto příspěvků čtete jen jedním okem nebo pouštíte hned z hlavy.
    Lidská blbost, zaprděnost a zamindrákovanost je nejen nekonečná, ale i celosvětová :-).
    Budu Vám držet palce a přeji Vám především skvělou zábavu.

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