El Paso Officials Will Not Be Recalled For Giving Benefits To Same-Sex Couples

TomBrownEl Paso! First, the city council decided to extend health benefits to the domestic partners of city employees. Then the city's godcrazy gayloathers were so offended that they got the council's decision put to a public referendum, at which point 55% of the city's voters decided that, no, domestic partners should not get benefits. And so the city government decided the voters were idiots and domestic partners should get benefits anyway. Then the godcrazy gayloathers decided to recall the officials involved. (And how many gay couples were sucking up those sweet government bennies? Two. Two!)

This venal drama concluded Friday. From The Dallas Voice:

In a victory for supporters of LGBT equality, a Texas appeals court has rejected an effort to recall El Paso Mayor John Cook and two other council members over their support of domestic partner benefits for unmarried city employees.

Texas’ 8th Court of Appeals ruled unanimously on Friday that recall organizers, led by anti-gay Pastor Tom Brown, broke the law in gathering petition signatures for the recall election, which had been scheduled for this spring.

That's Tom Brown, above right, who last year accused the bennies-giving council of "rewarding fornicators." Can't wait to hear what he has to say about the appeals court.


  1. HadenoughBS says

    I’ve got two words to say about this photo of Pastor Tom Brown: GAY FACE! Just another deep-in-the-closet faggot who can’t deal with his own self-hated homosexuality. Get a grip, gurl, and come to Jesus for your gay brothers and sisters. Can I get an Amen?

  2. Dave in El Paso says

    He’ll say they made a deal with Satan or some bullcrap. Anywho Brown is an egomaniac who loves hearing himself and being in the spotlight. This may be the end of this saga, but we haven’t heard the last of him.

  3. Johnson says

    That heretic has, GASP, a Pagan yule tree in his house. He’ll BURN in HELL for ETERNITY!
    He’s also trimmed the sides of his beard, an ABOMINATION! And, he’s appearing in a GRAVEN IMAGE in direct defiance of the Decalogue, a grave and unforgivable ABOMINATION.

  4. Matt says

    My bad, I just assumed that the picture with this post was of a gay guy who supported equal rights for the LGBT community.

    Talk about gay face!!! I’m sure it wont be long before his rent-boi outs him!

  5. mike27 says

    Tom Brown’s stupid referendum was also overturned by city council because it was so poorly worded that it took away benefits from dozens of others including common law heterosexual couples, retirees and adopted children. The man is a quack!

  6. Gerry says

    Actually, it was 55% of the people who voted that decided to rescind the benefits. The total who voted was around 52,000 out of a total city population of a little over 600,000.

  7. says

    So does this complete tit have to pay back to the City the dollars wasted on his “venal ” stupidity and bigotry ?

    @mike27 ; if this guy is that dumb he should have to cough up the tax dollarshe has cost the City.

  8. mike27 says

    @ JACKFKNTWIST Yes indeed, and they are likely going after him with ease.

    He should be liable for about 250,000. If you want more details look up: “Recall proponents may be liable for $250K in legal fees” by Marty Schladen El Paso Times.

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