1. Abel says

    Good point, Chris. Brownshirt really is rather unappealing, but I suppose he’s more presentable than Maggie Gallagher was. But he can’t really argue logically, and it’s all he can do to keep from screaming, “But they’re QUEERS, man! We don’t want ’em around.” He IS a bigot, plain and simple.

  2. Tom in long beach says

    Evan just shows that marriage equality is the logical fair choice. Brian Brown keeps grasping at all the old straws. The real issue is that it is not O.K. to treat people as second class citizen because a segment of society wants them viewed as second class citizens due almost always because of their interpertaion of religion.

  3. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I’m not sure what the point of Brown’s claim that 70% of African Americans oppose same-sex marriage. So what?

    And why can’t apples be compared to oranges? They’re both fruit.

  4. PeteP says

    Evan did a tremendous job. He was well prepared and had great answers/responses to each point raised during the interview. He should be the national spokesperson for legalizing gay marriage. Bravo!

  5. johnny says

    Wow, it’s so obvious that Brown is terrified in this situation. His body language, his tone, his volume, his facial expressions all prove that at his core, he’s truly terrified of anything that’s gay. Some profoundly deep psychological issues going on inside that sick, sick man.

  6. Robert in SF says

    Finally, a well-articulated counter to BB’s BS!

    Clearly this guy was watching Ted Olson’s interview with Chris Wallace, and picked up a few pointers.

    And thank God he had his facts and well-reasoned response to the “but people will lose their jobs when they are Christians!”…

    I am saving this interview, to keep for re-posting on how to handle this kind of interaction!

  7. MichaelD1026 says

    Mr Wolfson is amazing! Why is Brown using HIS morality to try to rule MY life? The United States of America IS NOT a theocracy; if I wanted to reside under religious law, I’d move to Iraq.

  8. iawl says

    Evan Wolfson has been a MAJOR hero on this issue for a very long time. I bought his book, “Why Marriage Matters” back in 2005 when it was first published. It inspired me and motivated me in my volunteer work on marriage equality both then and especially later, in 2008, during the “No On 8″ campaign here in CA. Evan Wolfson is the founder and president of Freedom to Marry:

    He has been at the very forefront, working hard on this issue and other gay rights issues for decades. He is an amazing example and a true hero.

  9. Tarc says

    I keep wondering when someone is going start a new non-denominational gay-friendly intenet church. That way, when the fundys haul out the whole “I don’t have do comply because it’s agasint my religion” thing, it can be immediately countered with an equal, opposing religious argument to nullify that tactic.

  10. Tarc says

    Oh, and my nearly infallible gaydar says there is no question that Brown is a closet case. The guy looked absolutely terrified that he was losing out on all the reasons that are forcing him to hide.

  11. says

    What a bunch of ill-informed gays we have here! Evan Wolfson doesn’t need any pointers from Olson. He was working on marriage equality 20 years before Olson even thought about it, first at the marriage project at Lambda Legal IN THE EARLY 90s, then at Freedom to Marry, WHICH HE FOUNDED.

    If gay people know so little, no wonder the public is clueless about the issue.

  12. barryearle says

    I thought Evan did a terrific job. But don’t underestimate Brian Brown’s emotional appeal which he does very effectively. While Evan easily exposed Brown’s weaknesses, the people Brown is speaking to are spark by all his catch phrases. While Evan is being rational, Brown is being emotional…and voting is an emotional process. The question is what will sway those in the middle who ultimately decide in what direction the country will go. Will they be rational or will they be emotional? If it’s the latter it makes no difference how well Evan unravels the opponents’ arguments. But if they are just a little bit more rational, his clear-eyed defense of marriage equality will sway them.

  13. jamal49 says

    We need more Evan Wolfsons out there fighting this good fight! He was respectful, patient, and was able to counter every, tired talking-point of that extremely execrable Brian Brown with logic framed with facts. Mr. Wolfson has been there from the start of the issue of “gay marriage” (I HATE that term; it’s marriage, plain and simple). He has been brave and courageous and I can recall GLAAD (our version of “@$$hats”) actually NOT standing up for equality back in the day and ignoring Mr. Wolfson and even suggesting that some in the LGBT equality movement are pushing issues (marriage equality) that might scare away politicians from supporting us. Brian Brown got take down by Evan.

  14. Bob says

    Ms Prunelips looks like she is forcing her mouth closed so that the nearest penis will not enter it. Here is the story on NOM

    Their ONLY hope is to hold off longer on the States where marriage is at play, like NJ, so that they have time for more Nazi-pulbicans to get elected in the fall.

  15. Drew says

    Evan Wolfson’s brain is sexy-smart! I wish he would be involved in every single conversation those anti-gay bigots try to start just to hear him shut them down.

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