1. Paul R says

    Wow, VA somehow manages to get worse every day. Every time that I return to see my family, I nearly die in a car accident. Every time I read about it, I nearly puke. I think that I’ll stay in SF with my big dog. Seems safer and perhaps more fun.

  2. Paul R says

    That is the funniest thing that you’ve ever posted that I’ve read, David. I spit out water when I read it.

  3. Nat says

    “Virginia is for lovers” should be changed to “Virginia is for Trans-vaginal rapists”

    When you get it right, Ehrenstein, you really get it right.

    I can’t even begin to describe my disgust over this proposal. I would hope that even the most ardent abortion opponent would attempt to legislate in a manner that did not involve the ritual humiliation of the women involved. This is as wrong as the virginity inspections for female protestors in Egypt.

  4. AJ says

    Deplorable and disgusting. I can’t believe they wasted time and money with the bill and this disgusting comedy sketch. Another moron that believes life begins at erection.

  5. GregSD says

    What a pig. I thought that the bill alone was vile and disgusting, but then he’s going to make jokes about it? It boggles my mind. Women of America, when it comes time to vote, please remember that this is the level of respect afforded you by (many) Republicans.

  6. stevenelliot says

    “muh wife. now she won let muh have my missionarie sex once a week, cause I voted fer this here bill.”

    She and every other female who has any sense are fighting angry over the hyposcrisy and overeach, duffus

  7. TJ says

    My favorite comment to this on YouTube (or words to the effect): if you are going to tell women what to do with their vaginas, you should at least be able to say the word.

    So cool to be able to make a joke out of government regulation on the most intrusive, personal level. Humor is such an aphrodisiac. I’ll bet he went home and made another republican that night. Because he got his wife so hot with this.


  8. Rick says

    And all this has what to do with gay people? Nothing–unless you are one of those confused and tragic gay men who lives vicariously through women and imagines that women have some kind of affinity for you of the sort that you have for them, which they most assuredly do not.

  9. newz4i says

    We now all know why Virginia’s legislators have serious problems with women’s health issues. This “elected” official identifies vaginal as trans V. Possibly because he does not know what vaginal is, where it’s located?

  10. Runt says

    Maybe, for the health of the legislators and the benefit of the people they serve, Virginia should require its male legislators to have annual forced colorectal examinations every session?

  11. Rick says

    @NEWZ41 Then why don’t you, as a gay “man” educate him about the vagina, its location, its many wondrous functions, how it looks and smells……hey, come to think of it, why don’t you just plunge your face into one of them and get a nice big mouthful of that furry fish-odored thing since you seem to be so passionate about the subject?

    Oh, and TJ, tell me, have they invented virtual vaginas yet that allow you to experience menstruation, hot flashes and the like? I really worry about you and others with severe vagina-envy not being able to experience the fullness of vicarious living, you know?

  12. Brandon K. Thorp says

    Hi, Rick:

    I don’t enjoy stating the obvious, so I’ll keep this brief.

    1) Half of all gay people have vaginas.

    2) So do half of all bisexual people.

    3) Female bisexuals may occasionally desire an abortion.

    4) The so-called culture wars are very much relevant to the cause of LGBT equality, and at the moment the most active front in those wars is reproductive choice.

    Thanks for reading.

    – BKT

  13. says

    Hey Rick, my mother, two sisters, co-workers, and friends happen to have vaginas. I am interested in their ability to live a life without worrying about their healthcare decisions being made by idiots.

    It is entirely possible for gay men to be concerned about things other than the latest Kylie album.

  14. TJ says

    Re: muff diving. you should try it, RICK. It’s a total turn-on to make a woman writhe in extacy. I don’t want a vagina. But I sure as hell liked visiting them.

  15. TJ says

    BKT – thanks for the schooling on RICK. Not that he’ll learn, of course. But yeah. Half the human experience. Unless you are less than half a human, like some people I need not re-mention.

  16. LiamB says

    Aw, Rick. Rearing his pathetic head whenever the opportunity for misogyny appears. What a worthless human being.

    As others have stated, not all homosexuals/bisexuals are men, and most of us have female friends and relatives whom we care about. Sorry that you are so mentally dysfunctional that such a simple concept is beyond your capability to process. You really should get some help.

  17. Akula says

    Wow glad everyone in Virginia is employed they have no deficit and no crime so that they can waste time like this.

  18. says

    folks, rather than *talk* with RICK do this – ask him for proof of this example he claims to live by. ask him to provide the URL to his own page/video where he shows the strong masculine empowered manly gay male role model example he claims to live by. truly. ASK HIM. you’ll never hear from him again ūüėČ

    as to this neanderthal republican….he needs to get raped. painfully.

  19. james says

    (snark alert) Email sent to Rep. Albo after his wife, Rita, saw this:


    Have changed the locks. Your stuff is in the driveway. Sorry I dropped the big TV getting it out of the house.

    I expect an apology on the floor of the House of Delegates. Then, we can talk about you coming home.


    (end of snark)

  20. Maleka says

    Unf……believable! Probably the most disgusting thing I’ve seen during a session of a state legislature. They think this is funny??? This guy is a repub pig.

  21. Paul R says

    Oh my god. It turns out that the idiot speaking is the brother of Mike Albo, the NYC performance artist. I will stop there.

  22. jason says

    Abortion is wrong, simple as that. If there was a gay gene, women would be aborting their babies because of it. Women are also known to abort babies for trivial reasons such as gender and minor deformities.

    Roe vs Wade should be overturned. I’d be the first to applaud.

  23. Peter says

    This is so typical of the historic (as in happening for 400 years) hypocrisy that is emitted from the VA GOP. They are pure trash!

  24. says

    “Abortion is wrong, simple as that.”

    Not at all as simple as that. What’s wrong is people who believe they have the right to tell other people what to do with their bodies or, in the case of the original ridiculous mandatory trans-vaginal ultrasound proposal in VA, force other people to have done to their bodies against their will.

    Telling women they shouldn’t have control over their reproductive systems is akin to telling us how we should conduct our sex lives. It’s the self-appointed moral police attempting to interfere with our freedoms, and it’s no surprise that the same right-wing zealots who seek to control female reproduction also seek to control gay male sexuality.No man should be inside a woman’s body unless he has her permission to be there, period.

    The small-government Republicans sure love to use big-government to prohibit sexual and civil rights freedoms.

  25. Nat says

    “Abortion is wrong, simple as that.”

    Again, this can’t be justified by even the most articulate anti-abortion argument. This law offends basic notions of consent that run far deeper than current debates over abortion. The law has no purpose other than to physically debase women, and it’s beyond loathsome that a group of politicians – particularly male politicians – think they can still do this to a woman.

    It’s not funny, and it has nothing with any ‘feminazi’ nonsense that Towleroad’s resident misogynists like to trot out. It’s a human being’s bodily integrity being threatened, and we should all be concerned.

  26. Rin says


    and you know this how?

    Right and wrong are for God and your own conscience to judge. No law has ever prevented wrong doing, only punished after. Whether or not you think abortion is wrong, tell me, please…as a gay man do you think laws telling you what to do with your body are benign or dangerous?

    You simply cannot make laws telling people what they can do with their own bodies. I don’t care if its drugs, suicide, or abortion. All of us have a basic right to our own bodies.

    Yes, people do foolish things. People even do cruel things. But how can someone legislate it? All that will happen is that women are prevented from going to a doctor. They can throw themselves down stairs, go to Disney World and ride rides…I mean…preventing abortion is like preventing drug use. You can only limit it for some.

    And, no offense, but you’re stupid if you think that most women would abort gay babies. Most women don’t have abortions even though they are allowable. It does against an evolutionary instinct.

  27. jack says

    They may not be laughing after the 2012 electons when the TALIBAN LITE REPUBLICANS get their butts kicked.As one of the Nuns who taught me use to say: “He who laughs last, laughs best.”

  28. Jerry6 says

    These Republican polaticions get more and more disgusting every day. Every one of their wives should cut off sex with them until they start acting like civilized men that respect their wives instead of regarding them as mearly “Call Girls”

  29. TN says

    I am equally disgusted by the idea of compulsory ultrasounds as the author, but as a physician who regularly administers transvaginal ultrasounds, I think they have been mischaracterized. They do not involve the barbaric cameras, but a slender, specialized probe that most women find to be less uncomfortable than a speculum. Transvaginal ultrasounds are used routinely in both desired and undesired pregnancies. Let me reiterate that I stand with the author in condemning mandatory imaging, but the technology is not the problem, rather the morons in Virginia.