1. Matt says

    Does anyone else find it hilarious that his name is DL! LOL

    (DL for being on the “down-low” for anyone out of the loop)

  2. MikeBoston says

    You can smell the desperation. When the tide turns against bigots they start lashing out in increasing ridiculous ways.

  3. Matt says

    He should be arrested for trying to violate Dan’s 1st amendment rights. These “ex-gays” are about as relevant as Michele Bachmann, even less because their “leaders” either keep “falling back” to being gay, or they end up refuting the entire “ex-gay” thing by saying it’s a crock and it’s not possible to change one’s sexual orientation.

  4. Justin says

    What an incredibly ignorant, self loathing man.

    Hey idiot, the ‘it’ is the horrific bullying conditions that many LGBTQ youth currently face on a daily basis.

    I guess Foster would prefer to live his entire life under those conditions. Apparently it didn’t get better for the disgusting DL and he wants others to be as miserable!

  5. Ezam says

    If anything, ex-gays and anti-gay bigots like Down-Low Foster and Porno Pete are the ones who should be arrested for propagating lies to gay teens causing them to kill themselves.

  6. says

    DownLow Fister is like every other ex-gay: furious that other people have the strength to live authentically and experience joy while he lies (breaking God’s Ninth Commandment) every day and lives an inauthentic life of misery.

    he wants every other LGBT person to be as unhappy as he is. too bad that wont’ happen.

    enjoy your life in your own prison, you gutless turd.

  7. Joe says

    Ex-gay actually means a gay man who is not currently polishing knobs. That is all. Wow! Guess that makes me an ex-gay!!

  8. Jon says

    I feel so sad for him, I do. When the community you grow up in basically withholds their acceptance of you, makes love conditional on your agreement with them, re-defines the world you live in and the language you use, and where ‘love’ is synonymous with totalitarianism – this is the warped kind of individual you end up with.

    However, you can’t treat these people with kid gloves. They become like sleeper agents and their ideas are poisonous. Really – the ‘it gets better’ campaign is “vile”??? The message ‘Hey, don’t kill yourself because in the moment, right now, life seems hopeless” is VILE? His ideas need to be aggressively combated.

    Yeah, ‘DL’ made me crack up though.

  9. Redebbm says

    What is it with all these ex-gays acting all “holier than thou” telling us how we should be living? Self Loathing doesn’t look good on you. The right loves this and will continue to feed on the idea that gay is a choice when some of these ex-gays might just be bisexual repressing their male attractions. Or just self loathing gays. It’s hard because i hate to be critical of individuals so brainwashed but to throw their community under the bus to save themselves is incredibly low.


    “Since April 1990, DL Foster has dedicated his life to serving the Lord and his people with truth and faithful witness to the radical life changing power of Jesus Christ. He is a personal witness, after experiencing deliverance from homosexual sin over 22 years ago.” BINGO!

  11. Rin says

    Yes, he’s a turd. A piece of human excrement. But…this Whitney Houston thing has me very philosophical.

    It doesn’t always get better. There are bullies everywhere, in every set of circumstance. People aren’t going to like you because you’re: too nice, too cute, too ugly, too fat, too skinny, a female, gay, lesbian, straight female, Muslim, Catholic, Jew, Latino, your shoes are ugly, you have too much money, you don’t have money.

    People base their whole self-worth on the opinion and love of others and it leads to many a downfall.

    Instead…maybe…we do as RuPaul advocates and just love ourselves because other people aren’t going to do it for us. Their opinion, as he puts it, should be none of our business.

    Whitney Houston, Amy Whinehouse, Kurt Cobain, Brad Renfro, Jamey Rodemeyer…all of these people turned to drugs or despair because they somehow couldn’t reach inside themselves to find love.

    Yes, it is hard. But for every bully out there…there’s a lil Kiwi or TJ or Francis or David or…RIck??? willing to be your friend and talk to you.

    Why do we as humans always place so much value in the negative things said to the exclusion of the positive??

    We need to reject anything less than full on self-love, screw the crutch of “It Gets Better” because, seriously, the world is FULL of Aholes…we know that in the case of cruelty and bullying…it does not get better.

    Teens aren’t seeing that Dan Savage’s life didn’t get better because people quit picking on him. They miss that message that it only gets better when you say: Screw you guys! They think that at some point people will like them or treat them better.

    Maybe someday (I pray) people will quit picking on gay people, but then they’ll just pick on people for some other reaston.

    Let’s teach teens self-love and perspective. Then it will get better.

  12. Jon says

    To a certain extent I agree with you, RIN. The only thing I would say is that there is a deep-down need to be accepted by a community. My parents are fundamentalist Christians and I know what its like to have love withheld from you. When you’re a kid, it’s psychologically devastating. For my 2 cents, I think it gets better in the sense that when you’re older you can create a community. I think a lot of the stories of teens who kill themselves reveal that, in some way, they could not actually create a positive community. For me it got better not when I said “I don’t need anyone to accept me”, but rather had the chance to create a small group of accepting peers. I’m not arguing, just saying. You made me think about it!

  13. Michaelandfred says

    I wonder if the “Americans for truth about homosexuality radio hour” is broadcast from an airport bathroom stall…

  14. says

    Why does every fart get air time ?
    OK, it’s loud and stinks to hell,…….

    and, on reflection, we need to put this kind of bile where it belongs.
    The more and more I think of it Dan Savage is so right , not only about Santorum, but about all these sad little creatures with their messy secretions.

  15. Rin says


    the thing is…you were lucky (and I’m glad to know it). Humans need friends, true, but most people…even the kids who were killed had friends. They just dismissed the positive things those friends said and absorbed the negative things that other people said. Therefore, its not about having a group…else the groups they were in would have saved them.

    In some cases its not even about parents who love you, many of those kids had those. It seems to me that we’re not teaching self-love.

    Or else how do you explain Kurt Cobain? Loved by the whole world but not himself. Whitney Houston…loved by everyone, but not herself.

    The happiest people I know are people who are happy with themselves. You can see it in their comportment and attitude.

  16. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    I imagine he’s angry at Mr Savage because his own self-hatred just keeps getting worse and worse – especially after he spends time looking at his favorite pictures and videos on the internet.

  17. db says

    Yeah, Down Low Foster, it’s Dan Savage’s fault things are bad for gay kids–not homophobes like yourself.