1. says

    Fiance = WOOF! It would have been nice to hear him speak too. I like Barney and he is currently one of the most powerful openly gay elected officials. Best wishes to him. I hope it is a big wedding and it would be really nice if it were televised so we could all be a part of the festivities. You KNOW that would drive the bigots crazy! :-)

  2. Vern Dufford says

    You have got to give Barney Frank lots of credit for where the gay community stands now. He is one of the first to be openly gay in national politics gets married going out the door…now that a role model we all can be proud of!

  3. Vern Dufford says

    I wish they would of showed a close up on Barney’s wedding ring. Barney mentioned his parter was a welder who made awnings the ring was made if a black material…just was wandering what it looked like? This wedding ring thing can get kind of creative.

  4. uffda says

    Barney Frank is a true Democrat, gentleman, wit, and soon to be husband to another husband right in front of everybody. His whole career has been heroic and he totally thrills me (as does his handsome fiancee). My day can now begin. Thank you so much for posting this. It’s pure energy.

  5. Alan says

    30 years difference between Barney Frank and Gym Ready? Gross. My boyfriend of eleven years is a couple years older than me, but I wouldn’t be sexing it up with a 71 year-old man. errr….ick.

  6. mike/ says

    the BEST comment i’ve heard Barney say about the Repugs & the clown car filled with ‘candidates’ is”

    “We’re not perfect, but they’re nuts.”

    gonna miss him saying what he means…

  7. Hadassah Weinreb says

    Will Barney continue the code-of-silence about the large # of closeted Republicans in elected office when he formally retires?
    Yea probably. He’s bought & paid for.

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