French Lawmaker Christian Varreste Under Fire for Attacks on Gays

A French MP is under fire for remarks he made in an online video attacking gays and saying that " there were no deportations of homosexuals from France" by the Nazis during World War II

The Local reported:

VannesteIn the video, which was put online on Tuesday evening with the title "favouring the family to prepare for the future" (favoriser la famille pour préparer l'avenir), Vanneste talks about the "famous legend of the deportation of homosexuals." … Vanneste acknowledges that gays were persecuted by the Nazis, but claims that "apart from these three annexed departments, there were no deportations of homosexuals from France." The comments immediately sparked a wave of criticsm across the political spectrum.

In the twenty-minute video Vanneste also offers his analysis of homosexuality, claiming one of its main features is "narcissism." … "Fundamental to homosexuality is narcissism," he said. "The foundation is "I refuse the other", the refusal of the opposite sex." …. He goes on to offer further analysis, for example that gay men prefer partners who "resemble them when they were between 17 and 20 years old." He also refers to gay marriage as an "anthropological abberration." He then complains that a high number of gay people in the media, arts and communications has given gay causes a high profile, out of proportion "with the role that it has in the wider public, where it continues to be extremely marginalised."

The AP reports:

The head of Sarkozy's conservative party UMP, Jean-Francois Cope, said Wednesday that lawmaker Christian Vanneste would be expelled because of his "deeply shocking and intolerable comments." Cope says the party will finalize the decision at a meeting next week.