1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I listened to the testimony yesterday, and the PRO marriage equality witness panels were filled with moving, personal testimonies like this, and in contrast, the CON panels were filled with nastiness, rage, paranoia and condescension. I wish those videos would come out as well, because it makes their side look very, very bad.

  2. says

    She’s such a sweet girl. If you’ve ever spoken before an audience you know how difficult it can be and she’s only 15 years old! Her dad is right there beside her and you can tell he loves her very much. Again, she is a very sweet girl.

  3. says

    we’ve got another Soldier Girl! well done, love.

    it’s the reality: discriminating against LGBT couples puts children, gay and straight, at a disadvantage.

    what a lovely and poised young woman. well done, dads.

  4. Mary says

    Amazing….just amazing. Not that this girl would support her two dads marrying (that’s to be expected.) I’m talking about Kiwi writing a post that doesn’t act sarcastic or condemn anyone. Usually by this time he’s daring someone to show us his URL or accusing somoene of trying to please his homophobic parents, or telling a Towleroad visitor what way she ought to die. But finally we get a post that the United Church of Canada (his Christian denomination) would be proud of!

  5. Mary says

    Kiwi, please don’t respond with venom. I’m just playing with you! And yes, this girl obviously loves her Dad and he loves her. I understand her situation. Clearly any kid is better with two loving gay parents than as an orphan.

    And congrats are in order. It looks as if SSM will pass in Washington state.

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