NJ Teen Makes Heartbreaking Plea to Lawmakers to Let Her Gay Dads Marry, ‘Be Equal': VIDEO


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At yesterday's hearing before New Jersey's House Judiciary Committee, 15-year-old Madison Galluccio made an emotional and heartbreaking plea to lawmakers to let her two dads, John and Michael Galluccio, marry and let her family feel equal.

Said Gallucio:

"I do have to say that New Jersey has made me feel discriminated, like I'm some sort of outcast. But guess what New Jersey? I'm no outcast. I am Madison Galluccio, and I am part of the Galluccio family. My parents will be married, and I will make sure that this happens till the day that I die. So please, will you help me? Help me feel equal. We aren't different. I'm not different. And I shouldn't have to be forced to feel like I'm different. This is my family, and I want us to be able to have the same rights as you. So NJ, please give me my freedom."


The measure advanced on a party line vote.