1. Jack M says

    How true. If the GOP would focus on things that really matter, like the economy, education and other domestic policies, perhaps they would have a viable candidate in the Presidential race. As is, they are nothing but a bunch of sex-obsessed buffoons.

  2. Robert in NYC says

    Yes, and gay-sex obsessed buffoons too, if that’s what you meant, Jack. Very few in the democratic party do what they do.

    Rudy Giuliani opposed same-sex marriage when rumors circulated he was going to get in the race. I wonder if he too is “evolving”? I wish he’d been asked that in the video. The commentator had a good chance to bring up Christie’s veto of marriage equality, instead she mentioned gun control, pointless and trivial.

  3. Rich F. says

    Wow! Giuliani said something other than “noun, verb, 9/11″ for once. And it was actually sensible! I’m shocked!

  4. ian says

    it doesn’t make the party “look like” it isn’t a modern party and doesn’t understand the world, it confirms it.

    in all fairness though, the anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-contraception, anti-choice is all a smokescreen and a distraction from the GOPs empty, nay, discredited “philosophy” (if one can call it that) about every aspect of governance: the economy, foreign affairs, domestic policies etc. and it shows there really are people that can be fooled all of the time.

  5. borut says

    Yeah, he’s right! Some Republicans just don’t get the fact that gays are, you know, discriminated against, sort of…

  6. TampaZeke says

    So says the man who moved in with a gay couple when his wife threw him out of the house and then ran for president on an anti-gay, anti-marriage equality platform.

    Just another example of Republican mental illness. He’s pontificating on something that he himself is guilty of.

  7. says

    Thank you Giuliani for bringing this down to a level the Republicans understand. No one likes being left in the dust of history.

  8. Jeffer says

    The guy is a TOTAL hypocrite. Remember how he was pro-gay rights? Then he decided to enter the 2008 presidential race and suddenly he changes his mind: gays are icky!

    Blech! Friend today. Enemy the next day.

    What happened to the gay couple who took Rudy in when he got kicked out of the house for cheating on his wife? He promised to marry them when NY got marriage equality? He abandoned them.

    The GOP is the party of divide and conquer. It will use race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation as wedge issues all the time

  9. says

    It’s NOT a modern party, nevermind the “looks like”. They dream of a mythical never-was world that can never be; where everyone knows their place (theirs happens to be on top) and agrees to be content.

  10. zeddy says

    Well the “gay situation” is a grey area, but the thing that makes my jaw drop is with contraception! How middle ages to not allow condoms? WTF

  11. truthiness says

    “I think the gay rights issue is a more current (example). I think beyond all the religious and social part of it, it makes the party look like it isn’t a modern party. It doesn’t understand the modern world.”

    Well, that’s because it doesn’t.

  12. Matt says

    Well, at least SOME get it, though truthfully, it seems like a good majority do, just not the idiots in office. Oh well, the more they go on like this, the more support they lose, the more forced they are to change direction on this. After all, those idiots only represent about 9% of the nation (9% consider themselves “very conservative” aka hardcore conservatives, the other 31% are only “somewhat conservative”, or much more moderate).

  13. Reggie777 says

    Any party with members who believe that aspirin between the knees is a great means of birth control IS out of touch. Period.

  14. says

    Personally, I’m 30, a US Soldier and proud to be anti gay. Also proud to be a Nationalist Republican.

    Gays are the root of the problem. We don’t know you are gay until you say, act or do something that is a gay act. You “bring in” to every scenario with your gay activities. You simply are “different”…because you are.

    As far as Guiliani, he’s changing views now because he’s probably got plans down the road. You don’t just change plans like this willy-nilly…there’s a reason for most anything…which means this is a smokescreen.

  15. shle896shle says

    They DON’T understand the modern world. They’re perpetually in a 1950’s time-warp and the world is passing them by. They’re mostly made up of scared, old, white men who watch Fox “News” all day long. They don’t stand a chance this November.

  16. Matt says

    It says a lot about your “views” that you would come on to a gay oriented site.
    Go to Craigslist for the DL, you friggin’ troll.

  17. says


    I thought this would be a decent article, not a biased one. This article came up in a search engine listing and you are not warned it’s a fag site until you see the little words in the banner graphic.

    I fealt wrong after I saw those words in the banner…fealt like I contributed to an atrocity.

  18. Mary says

    Considering the fact that he is a Republican, this comment from Rudy was incredible. One would think that he’d care about party unity and be trying to reason with the socons in order to prevent an internecine war that will result in an Obama victory. Telling your opponents within a party that they “don’t understand the modern world” is hitting them with a verbal sledgehammer. Rudy the bully strikes again.

    There actually IS a case he could make that would at least be interesting – and show some respect to socons. He could say that they have lost the fight for man-woman only marriage, but they haven’t lost the fight for marriage itself. He could propose a “pro-marriage” campaign on the part of all Republicans – while this would strengthen the newly created gay marriages it would also strengthen hetero marriages as well. Since the vast majority of marriages involves straights only, this could diminish whatever threat gay marriage, or the temptations of gay marriage, might post to straight people. A pro-marriage campaign would include images of same-sex couples, but inevitably man-woman pairings would get the most attention and hence, reinforce the subtle message that men will be marrying women and not other men.

    But as the Manhattan elitist that he is, Rudy just can’t resist the standard “it’s time for you to grow up and be liberal” comment.

    Yeah, Rudy knows a lot about the modern world. That’s why he spend 56 million dollars…….and ended up with a single delgate in 2008.

  19. uffda says

    CAMERON – don’t go away. We’d love to take you apart piece by piece enabling you to reassemble yourself into a decent human being able to participate in a more balanced way with the world around him. The question is: can it be done?

  20. TJ says

    My question for CAMERON would be, if you came here by accident, what made you post, and the come back after posting? Wait, I’m sure he won’t read this. It was an accident.

  21. says

    you show me a man who is “proud to be anti-gay” and I’ll show you a boy whose dad caught him blowing a buddy in his youth, who’s been failing to make him forget about it ever since.