1. Phil Hamzik says

    I cannot believe the way the individuals were treated. People screaming “get him out of here,” and even physical force by Gingrich supporters? Videos like this remind me that hate is alive and well, not only among politicians, but among everyday people.


  2. The Milkman says

    Damn, that was one fugly woman who grabbed the second protester.

    And had I been that second protester and been grabbed like that, I’d have punched that woman in her fugly face. The protester showed remarkable self-control.

  3. Josh says

    I love how the druggie white trash mom jumps up defending her beloved Newt, which is oh so telling of the kinds of dumb asses that are voting for him. He’s the white trash/stupid people’s god!!

    I’ll take Obama, thanks.

  4. brent says

    OMG, if you slow down the video and read the woman’s shirt (as well as her face disfigured by anger) it says “It’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees”- wow.

  5. olterigo says

    @ Brent

    Thanks for the decoding. It’s especially hilarious as that – in Europe at least – is associated with a Communist Spanish woman Dolores Ibarruri, aka La Pasionaria.

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