1. Daniel says

    I woke up this morning to a text message from my husband, who is in another city right now.
    He felt so far away.
    When I opened my computer I saw the Google Doodle and expected to see a silly str8 stupid doodle that has nothing to do with my situation or my world.
    I was so shocked and happily surprised to see the 2 guys together.
    It sound silly but it is amazing how being included can make you feel so much better in life.
    That inclusion made my morning and makes my husband feel not so far away.
    Thank you Google

  2. sparks says

    Frog and human, cat and dog… if it gets any mainstream attention whatsoever it’ll become just more fodder for the Santorums of the political world to ridiculously claim that allowing gays equal civil marriage rights is a gateway to people wanting to marry animals and buildings.

    (Sorry to sound like Jason but you know it’s true..)

  3. gr8guyca says

    Actually, aren’t milk and cookies representative of inter-racial marriage? You’ve got white milk marrying a chocolate cookie.

    And, of course, their kids will be chocolate chip.

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