1. Drew says

    Please let it be the dynamic duo of my favorite two schweinhunds: Governor Chris Christie and Maggie Gallagher! That would be awesome, thankyouverymuch.

  2. alex says

    Personally, I hate that Towleroad has started posting things like this or the fake Adele clip without acknowledging that they aren’t real. Although it’s clear when you watch the videos, there are times when I visit the site but can’t watch videos (like at work) or I’m on a connection that doesn’t allow streaming (like from a hotel with crappy Internet).

    One of my chief complaints about this site is that it assumes all visitors have perfect high-speed Internet connections. All the widgets and plugins on here make the site virtually impossible to view on a dial-up connection.

  3. RJ says

    @ALEX … Really? Your complaint is you want a site accessible to dial-up modems? What century are you in?

    And why does TR need to tell folks if something is real or fake? You don’t even have to watch the video to tell that it’s the latter. I mean, come on… the screen cap in the post says “GOP Says Candidate Under Bag Is “Really Smart”, “Very Likable”.

  4. Alex says

    If people wonder why the rest of the western world thinks Americans are morons, the apparent inability to differentiate someone being serious from satire is one of the main factors. Every satire video on youtube has at least 1/3 of comments asking “is this real”? Inability to use common sense, demanding to have everything spoon-fed and taking pride in ones ignorance are a few of the others.

  5. AJ says

    There’s a website out there that shows a bunch of real Facebook posts from Americans who think Onion articles are real and freaking out abAbout them. At first it was funny, but the more I read it got really sad.

  6. RJ says

    Wasn’t there a Republican congressman who posted an Onion article to his FB page as if it were a legit news item?

  7. Nat says

    “Wasn’t there a Republican congressman who posted an Onion article to his FB page as if it were a legit news item?”

    Yes, or more likely someone on his staff. The story concerned Planned Parenthood opening up a $8 billion ‘Abortionplex’. And if you ever want a couple hours of laughter, read the reviews for the ‘Plex on Yelp.