1. FunMe says

    So why is it taking Rush Limbaugh so long? After all, “Nobody takes drugs for that long if they want to stay on the planet.”

  2. says

    People take drugs for that long not because they want to kill themselves but because addiction is a sickness. And did toxicology reports say she even died from drugs or alcohol?

  3. bozemanmontana says

    O’Really, O’Reilly?
    Keep to what you know, Billy: Cheap-Asshat Entertainer for Faux news.

  4. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    No one sets out to become an addict. To equate being chemically/biologically trapped in active addiction to having a desire to destroy oneself is complete douchebaggery of the worst sort. Does he think that Ms. Houston enjoyed the pain and anguish that goes with addiction? Does he think she actively sought that out?

  5. say what says

    so rush wants to kill himself

    oxitocin and all

    the majority of repub mormon utah wives wish to kill themselves via their valium. Utah Females take the largest amount of prescription drugs in the US

  6. johnny says

    Oh Bill… poor deluded Bill.

    People take drugs for all kinds of reasons. Pain, addiction, recreation, experimentation. And they drink for a variety of reasons too, let’s not forget how potent alcohol can be in an alcoholic’s hands.

    Every person is different.

    Plain and simple, some people have addiction issues with pot, coke, heroin, crack, booze, sex, porn, you name it. And many people do not, they can these things or or leave them.

    For the former, it doesn’t mean they’re suicidal, it just means they’re addicted. They don’t want to die, it’s usually an accident, but they’re too messed up to realize they’ve overdosed themselves.

  7. say what says


    bill is out of touch with reality since it has been reported it was over the counter drugs that did whitney in

    xanax, lipa something ,and 1 other were all found in the room + alcohol

    no crack etc

  8. Chadd says

    Self destructive behavior does not equate perfectly with the desire to commit suicide. If it did, then every cigarette smoker in the country should be put on suicide watch because everyone knows that cigs will kill you.

    This is BO’s way of saying that we really shouldn’t feel all that bad about the death of a troubled black woman because, after all, she did it to herself.

  9. Matt26 says

    Drugs should stay illegal. Drugs bring lots of negativity to the society.
    But BOR is again pro gop, pro very hard society. In his statement he clearly shows his opposition to liberals.

  10. MikeH says

    @Chadd – you summed it up perfectly. O’Reilly speaking in code once again throws a bit of raw meat to his racist wingnut audience.

  11. Rae says

    Xanax is not an “over the counter” drug it requires a prescription. I think the lipa something refered to is lipator, an anti cholesterol med.

  12. jason says

    I have to partly agree with Bill O’Reilly here. Some people on this Earth have a suicide wish. They kill themselves slowly because they don’t have the guts to kill themselves quickly.

  13. Rick says

    I love the way some people (as in this thread) now try to turn addicts into “innocent victims.” Look, it may be that some people have a physiological tendency towards addiction…..but that tendency would never have come into play if they had not started abusing drugs in the first place…..and people generally abuse drugs because they are deeply unhappy or maladjusted in some way.

    So while his timing was not the best and his manner makes him a bit of an a-hole (what else is new?), his basic point is not entirely invalid.

    And what is so implausible about the idea that, like many others, Whitney just was not able to reconcile her sexuality with a religious upbringing that instructed her to think of that sexuality as the worst possible sin, one that would not permit her salvation if she insisted on acting on it?

    Let’s not forget that she grew up in a Baptist church where her mother was a key figure.

    Just because someone becomes rich and famous does not necessarily mean that those issues go away.

    It is a tragic situation altogether–perhaps she is due some sympathy, but perhaps she is also due some blame–it is just hard to say without knowing all the facts……

  14. wtf says

    Wow, it’s amazing to see all of the trolls on this comment section. Really? You agree with Bill? That would explain your utter lack of education. Don’t be a stupid gay, go back to school, fool! If you think it’s easier to get rx drugs vs. illegal drugs, you really are stupid. The fact is, Whitney was an addict; she needed help. If anyone bears some responsibility it’s Clive – he was close to her and knew what was up. He should’ve convinced her to get some real help. But he was too damn greedy.

  15. keke says

    I cant stand Bill, But I agree with him on this. She was almost 50 and still using drugs, Come on! enough is enough. Wheres your dignity! She had it all at one time. She threw away her gift that she was given. All for a little high! after years and years of smoking the pipe. arent ya a little tired of all. and feeling like crap all the time. you lose your voice, cant breath? she sounded awful these last few years. such a waste!

  16. nedu says

    as a medical student i ve seen doctors over prescribe these medications from benzos to vicodin and they do so when its not necessary,all in the name to keep those patients coming back and pay drs office visit fee each time they do.greed is killing all of us doctors to lawyers etc

  17. MajorTom says

    O’Reilly is the ultimate troll. He just says provocative things to keep his name in the news and stir up peoples’ ire. Let’s all ignore him and allow him to sink into the oblivion he so richly deserves.

  18. Paul R says

    As someone who has known far more than his fair share of addicts, I partly agree with him. I had two junkie friends who said that they were committing suicide slowly. Another died while swimming because he’d done coke—a smart guy but a really stupid move. Another is in the hospital right now because he’s in his 50s, still doing meth, and had three heart attacks on Thursday. And collapsing in the street and being hospitalized repeatedly is not something that a happy, healthy person would do. I know someone who did that four times last year.

    But addiction is a disease, and it doesn’t matter how you grow up. Add fame and money to the mix, along with crews of sycophants and psychopaths, and it becomes much easier to do.

  19. anon says

    There are self-destructive people, and some self-destructive people take drugs, but that does not follow that therefore drugs should be illegal. First of all, not all drugs that you can harm yourself with are illegal. Second, self-destruction can take other forms, such as overeating, and we are not going to ban food or police the consumption of food. Third, the illegality of some drugs has not stopped anyone from using them.

  20. jaragon says

    Huston’s death is a tragedy but for once O’reilly is right- I don’t think there was a racial subtext to his message-drugs are evil and destroy lives- the next time you listen to Whitney’s divine voice remember this gift from God was taken away from us by drugs

  21. Rick says

    Addiction, denial, codependency, and abuse are equal parts of a dance/ process which is no respecter of Race, Creed, Color, Gender, Sexual Orientation, etc.

    There is much to be said about Whitney Houston’s experience as a woman, as a Black Woman, as an abused black woman, and as an addicted, abused codependent black woman…etc, etc.

    To understand the death of Whitney, and so many others, is to understand the power and complexity, as well as the simplicity, of the addiction process…. our society needs to start there!

  22. Chadd says

    You can commit slow suicide by overeating, smoking cigarettes, driving recklessly, drinking too much, etc. All legal means to kill yourself slowly. How sad that so many people on this thread seem to agree with BO’s underlying assertion that Whitney deserved to die because she used drugs – in spite of it not being determined that drugs caused her death.

    A person can be addicted to anything, including “good things” like exercise and sex, so ask yourself what is going on in your own life before passing judgement on a total stranger (and unless Whitney had you in her address book, you are a total stranger). Addiction comes in many forms and until you trolls and BO walk a mile in the shoes of an addict, STFU.

  23. TJ says

    Xanax + alcohol = extremely deadly. Good way to kill yourself accidentally, or on purpose.

    Judgment towards people who use/abuse drugs is a fairly ineffective, even counter-productive strategy. For someone who rises to the level of addict, there can be measurable changes that occur in the brain. It truly is not a matter of willpower or lack of character. Get an education. There is a great series about addiction on DVD from HBO that’s worth viewing.

  24. say what says

    Yeoo TJ especially from what it sounds like

    xanax+ alcohol= she slipped under the water in the bath tub and drowned

    To the Bill O peeps, no one is denying Whitney had addiction issues but she died from a prescription drug (maybe 3 prescription drugs) + alcohol and slipping under the water in a bath tub and drowning

    no crack (that did destroy her voice)

  25. Randy says

    Bill is such a moron. If people are going to kill themselves anyway, criminalizing a substance isn’t going to help. He shoots down his own arguments from sentence to sentence. But hey, the tides go in, the tides go out, right Bill?

    FOUR of British Columbia’s former Attorneys General have called for the legalization of pot. Because making it criminal simply makes things worse for everyone.

  26. Paul R says

    I never said that she deserved to die. I have extreme empathy for her, as I do for most homeless people and give them money even though I know that I’m usually feeding their addictions.

    But she was in a better position to get in a better position than most addicts, and certainly had more reason to do so. Addiction, depression, and other issues clearly ruined her. I do not mock any of those issues.

  27. Jerry6 says

    Unfortunately, No one with any intelligence is going to take drugs to the extent these performers do without an enabler. It is the financial greed of their handlers that get them on drugs so they can do “Just one more performance”; “Just one more set.” “ust one more tour.” It is the creeps that live off of the performers that should go to jail when one of their charges ends up dead from drugs or alcohol.