1. Opinionated says

    I would listen better if I weren’t being yelled at. I understand the anger of course, just saying…

  2. Paul R says

    OK, I would for the otherwise attractive guy on the right in the second shot to see a dermatologist. That cannot be healthy.

  3. Chuck Mielke says

    Ok, so the complaints are: (1) yelling/expressing understandable anger (how else to express it?) (2) acne (really? do you really want Hollywood perfection?).

    I’ll add that the poetry is a bit forced, but that’s the influence of rap.

    It’s a good message.

  4. Zlick says

    Seems like it’s going to be a piece with a somewhat angry tone. But I guess the title “Second Class Citizens” gives that away.

    At least we won’t hear complaints that everyone was cookie-cutter Chelsie-Boy good-looking in this particular segment.

  5. Perkin Warbeck says

    @Gage: you have the seen the “A Change Is Coming” anti-marriage equality ads, haven’t you?

  6. Matt says

    I thought it was a bit melodramatic. It’d be better if it didn’t seem like these people were all bad actors, and instead speaking a message that comes from themselves instead of something pre-written. Just seems forced. I love the idea, it’s shot well, but it comes off a bit disingenuous due to all of the line readers.

  7. Armando Sanchez says

    Reading these comments I know it’s a hopeless fight for equality when gay people themselves can’t see past the superficial.

  8. anony6 says

    The music is beautiful. Great message and shot very well. Hmm, I would say the poetry worked well in some places and not so well in others. Overall a good piece. I see this really impacting some people in a positive way.

  9. gabriel says

    i agree with the comments about beautifully shot and a good message, but the delivery wasn’t strong enough to make this “amazing” still really like it. and think it got better as it went on.

  10. Rick says

    I was all set to comment on how much of an improvement it was from the previous two videos posted by Ryan James Yezak.

    But then it suddenly went off the rails by spiraling into an angry queen bad poetry slam-like diatribe. The only thing missing were z-snaps, some chicken-necking and a few “ms. thangs” thrown in for good measure.


  11. says

    I think it’s funny how the majority of these comments hinge on the piece being too in your face and angry and even superficial … In the face of adversity a single voice can be heard if we just stop and listen. Maybe it needs to be loud and in your face so that it gets your attention cuz we all know when hate is being thrown at someone it’s not quite or respectful so why should this type of statement be?! Good job! Someone is at least standing up and saying this is me I’m real I feel I don’t deserve to be treated like your unwanted pet!

  12. Kertina says

    I feel this is exactly what people need to hear.. I mean they have to constantly listen to everybody else and their opinion of them. Which usually isn’t portrayed in the nicest way…why is it so bad that they are displaying their feelings and emotions? And so what if the message is a little forced, it can’t be easy to be the one on tape…
    Great Video! I loved it!

  13. Jonathan says

    For those who balk at the yelling part… this represents those who speak out in anger at injustice because they HAVE TO. The voices quiet down to symbolize the calm one feels after equality is achieved. There are times when I hear the latest right wing propaganda and lies spewed about us, that I want to scream out too. How about you?