1. ormedic says

    I am absolutely sure that is the wrong video as Ron Paul and Adele look and sound nothing alike. I was extremely disappointed to play the video thinking I was going to hear Adele only to hear the crazy old man speaking.

  2. ugh says

    I can’t think of a worse choice. Hudson is one of those screamers who can hardly carry a tune. Whitney could sing, had the voice of a generation.

  3. Chip says

    To me, a tribute honors the person’s work. I don’t see how that is done when someone else sings the songs for which that singer was known.

    If Whitney Houston had written the songs in question, that would be a performance of her work. If someone else comes out and sings “The Greatest Love of All,” that’s kind of offering a Whitney Houston presentation without any Whitney Houston in it. Imagine if when Rex Harrison died, someone came out and said, “To honor the fine work Mr. Harrison did, I will now play Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady.”

    Maybe this is trivial but I hope that when people honor her memory, it’s done by presenting her work, not by proving someone else can sing the same songs well.

  4. Paul R says

    Well, Chip, it doesn’t say in the article that she’ll be singing a Whitney Houston song. It seems likely, sure, but there are other ways to pay tribute.

  5. Elmo says

    Whitney’s voice was waay better than Hudson’s, but I think it’s fitting that Hudson sings the tribute.

  6. Vern Dufford says

    Dolly’s own version of I Will Always Love You would have been perfect so beautifully subtle!

  7. my2cents says

    the moment here would have been for chaka kahn to offer elvis’s ‘i believe’ as a tribute to great artists lost addiction. dolly might have offered he (can turn the tide) as a call and response.
    of course this would have been over the heads of those who view musical expression as ‘product’.

  8. Michael Bedwell says

    Adele is the most-overrated singer since your Uncle Fred exited the shower convinced he was the next Caruso. Her’s is a pedestrian imitation of others’ technique pasted onto a mediocre voice. Anderson describes it as amazingly powerful. He’s also heterosexual.

  9. Christina says

    Whitney loved Jennifer’s rendition of it..see it on youtube for yourself! BET awards 2010..see Whitney right in front cheering Jennifer clearly enjoying herself. So having Jennifer perform the tribute was not only a great choice, it was the right one.

  10. John J. says

    @Christina you are correct, Whithey Houston loved Jennifer Hudson rendition of the song,in which she talked about it on VH1. Jennifer Hudson was the perfect choice to sing this song and Whitney reported, Jennifer Hudson is the only person to attempt her version of the song.People stop hating on Jennifer Hudson, if Whitney Houston loved it when she was alive,why do you hate it when she is no longer with us.