1. Elsewhere says

    Excuse me, I have to go buy something at J.C. Penney… and there’s a sentence I hadn’t thought about writing since 1982.

  2. K in VA says

    I think attacking Ellen, of all people, is one of the stupidist things the fundagelicals have ever done.


    The more they lose their battles against equality, the more desperate they’ll become. Many of their last-ditch battles will be, well, silly, as is arguing against Ellen DeGeneres. Unfortunately, other battles will be vicious and quite possibly stir their extremists to violence.

    We should all get a good laugh over the attacks against Ellen, and then prepare ourselves to fight the many battles ahead.

  3. says

    The attack on Ellen is inidcative of the fact that they’re destined to lose the fights ahead.They have this picture in their minds of all of us being angry gay radicals.

    Now I like Larry Kramer as much as the next person (more in fact), but his angry gay radicalism is just one part of a very large picture. Elllen isn’t an angry gay radical at all. Never has been. But to the Fundies and Fascists merely coming out and living your life openly constitutes Angry Gay Radicalism.

    Ellen is a thoughly pleasant, low-key entertainer. As such she has attracted a very borad base of fans, including children who find her a delightful presence. In a funny way THIS is what makes her radical. She’s not some “Scary Lesbian” Monster figure. She’s Ellen. And thus in her own very simple way she’s doing a lot for us. The attacks on her make her attackers look supremely silly.

    And thus ALL homophobia looks extremely silly.

  4. David says

    It is great to see JC Penney stand behind Ellen instead of caving to stupid bigots. They have certainly made me happy with spending my money there.

    And it did make me chuckle that Ron Johnson managed to put JC Penney’s new marketing tag “fair and square” into his response. Always promote the brand!

  5. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    The CEO is right about the golden rule at JC Penney. In fact, the original name of the store was “The Golden Rule Store.”

    (I learned that back when I worked at JC Penney in the early 80s.)

  6. Craig says

    This is one of those cases where there’s no such thing as bad publicity. JCP is getting tons of free press thanks to the “million moms” and all of it good. They couldn’t have picked a better spokesperson.

  7. Jeff says

    Silly moms! They should know better than to engage in a culture war when they don’t have any to begin with!
    (Just FYI, I’m getting the wrong video with this story.)

  8. says

    What a great, open, forthright attitude. Mr.Johnson and JC Penny are to be congratulated on keeping an eye on the future not on the fundi oppression of the last century.

  9. says

    well said, David Ehrenstein!!!

    you make a point that i wish more lgbt people would understand – learning the difference between Excuses Given and Reasons Given. the anti-gay homophobic population? it’s a sea of excuses.

  10. iawl says

    Having always found JCP hopelessly out of date and kinda Sears-like creepy– (our family had no money and we had to shop there when I was a kid)– I am suddenly doing a drastic 180. I went to their website and wrote them a note thanking them for their stand and pledging to shop there–and I mean it. You can reach them at:

    They deserve our support.

  11. FunMe says

    Discrimination is sooooooooooooooo last Century.

    Great to see changes for equality for all moving in the right direction!

  12. Mort says

    Mr. Johnson was hired to remake JC Penney — to make it “cool.” What could up the cool factor more than the noisy self-banishment of the troglodytes? We shouldn’t dismiss the possibility that Johnson *paid* the Million Moms for their little hissyfit.

  13. Brig says

    Backing Ellen is just the beginning. Buy stock folks. JCP is coming back in a big way and they are doing all the right things.

    And no, I do not work for them.

  14. Gregoire says

    I have NEVER wanted to shop at JC Penney more than I do right now. What would I even buy there? What do they sell? I just know it as the place at the mall where you would meet your friends to go off and shop somewhere else.

  15. Paul R says

    @Gregoire: I couldn’t explain the difference between Penny’s and Sears, but Penny’s is essentially a general store. Often quite large. Clothes, appliances, shoes, etc. Sort of like a classier Wal-Mart, but still with no pretense (or perishable food). I can’t think of many things that I’d buy there, but this was a classy move.

    Course, the “million” moms turned out to be about 1,000. I’m pretty sure that there are more gay shoppers than that. Which explains why this “boycott” got zero media attention.

    And David Ehrenstein, excellent analysis.

  16. Gregv says

    I PVR’d Ellen’s show today just to watch her address this but I didn’t see anything. She had as guests Channing Tatum and then those British kids Sophia-Grace and Rosie. Was that the wrong episode?

    As for JCPenny, I always thought of it as someplace for Grandma to shop. I’ll definitely take a closer look next time.

  17. David in Chelsea, Massachusetts says

    Perhaps JC Penny can become the next Target store. We made Target what is today, and we can do the same with JC Penny.

  18. Dave says

    The Christian right wing is in it’s death throws and with each day they become less and less relevant in our culture. Lets go shopping.

  19. CHRISTOPHER says

    I took @IAWL’s advice and wrote a message to customer service at their site, thanking them for being a “fair and square” ally and example for the rest of society. The automated response said they were experiencing “higher than normal” email volume, but they’d get back to me within 2 days. Less than an hour later, I received this message:

    “As we focus on being in sync with the rhythm of our customers’ lives and operating in a ‘Fair and Square’ manner that is rooted in integrity, simplicity and respect, we couldn’t think of a better partner than Ellen DeGeneres. We are extremely proud to have her on our team.”

    Okay everyone, this weekend we all need to go buy some small kitchen appliances and towels and perhaps Levi 511s (the rest of their clothing has yet to catch up to their progressive mindset 😉

    Viva La JCP!

  20. Jane says

    I want to write to Ron Johnson to applaud his decision to have Ellen DeGeneres as JCP’s spokesperson. Everything they are doing makes me want to check out what’s new and different about JCP. Way to go, RJ!!

  21. rich says

    maybe you wouldn’t have lost so much business jc penneys if you hadn’t raised the apr on your charge accts, i cancelled my acct when it went up and they didn’t care, well i guess i get to laugh now, try kohl;s everyone, better price’s , service and clothe’s