Lady Gaga Announces ‘Born This Way’ Ball Stage and ‘Monster Pit’


Lady Gaga revealed designs for her "Born This Way Ball" last night on Twitter.

Tweeted Gaga:

"To give you a bit of insight on the design of my new tour, the central area within the stage will be known as 'The Monster Pit.' 'The Monster Pit' is General Admission only, and Little Monsters unlock it when they arrive to the arena or stadium. Entry to 'The Monster Pit' is relegated to the fans who have arrived first, waited all night, + dressed to 'Ball.' Every night Haus of Gaga will choose fans from The Monster Pit to come back stage + meet me! These tickets are NOT more expensive. Reading your questions :) No dress code requirement. 'Born This Way' means anything goes."

Writes MTV:

This new tour will kick off sometime this year and continue right through 2013. Haus member and BTW producer Fernando Garibay shared with MTV News in December that the show will be reflective of the 2011 album. "This album was the most personal [because of] the amount of detail that went into this record, the amount of passion [and] emotion from her and the team," he said. "Every song was a story towards the Born This Way theme. We're excited now, putting that into the tour and expressing that on a live performance level.

Posted February 7, 2012 at 11:55am ETC by Andy Towle
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