1. Paul R says

    I think that I could deal with this song better if it didn’t feature “dance” and “Madonna” so often, which makes it resemble Gaga and so seems kind of sad. (I like them both, just don’t like copycat work.) And knowing that she could get any younger artist to be on it makes it less impressive, as does the Audiotune and the stupid misspelling of “love.” But it could be a lot worse.

  2. says

    I love the album version of the song with it’s cheery/dance-like rhythm. All LMFAO did was mix in their standard rhythms into it. Come on guys. A little more effort wouldn’t have been too hard.

  3. QJ201 says

    “…all the music sounds the same.” And this song sounds like the last year’s top 40 were put through a blender.

  4. says

    I adore Madge, but totally am not diggin on this song or remix. The tracks “Turn Up the Radio” & “Girls Gone Wild” both sound awesome from the demos and previews… really wish she would have released that instead of a track featuring her name. ugh.

  5. Dr.Theopolis says

    the meta data on the free Budweiser’s song listed the song as “Give Me All Your Love”. Geez, talk about synergy-fail… couldn’t get the name of the song right nor include any artwork. Lamé.

  6. Pete n SFO says

    Whatevvs… cranky bitches.

    I love Madonna & I love LMFAO…

    They’re HUGE, you’re not. It’s dance music & it’s fun.

    What have you done lately? Ante-up or get lost.