Lose Your V To Vladimir P!

Here is a video in which a young woman talks to her doctor about her first time. She wants to do it for love, she says, and she's scared she might not do it right. The doctor tells her it's normal. Everyone's scared the first time. The camera zooms in on a picture of Vladimir Putin, looking severe on the cover of Time magazine. The young woman smiles. She feels better. In the next scene, she goes to a polling place to cast her first-ever ballot -- for Putin, for love. The commercial ends with a picture of Mr. Putin paired with some sweet Cyrillic nothings and romantic music. Fade to black.

This is an honest-to-goodness campaign ad for Vladimir Putin, and RawStory reports that there are two similarly-themed ads now in existence. They're pretty much the creepiest things on the planet. Something about the juxtaposition of Vladimir Putin's uber-macho-cold-eyed-killer-KGB image and the thought of Russia's virginal girlyparts is just ... damn, what's a good word to describe it? I'm at a loss. Watch AFTER THE JUMP ...