1. says

    every time a politician stoops to anti-gay rhetoric what they’re actually telling their party is “I don’t think you people are smart enough to understand political issues of security, taxation, the economy and jobs, so I’m gonna resort to whatever social prejudices your limited mentalities still have a baseless issue with.”

    that’s how they get people to vote against their own best interests. ignore the stuff that will actually affect them (jobs, healthcare, pension security, taxes) and say “the other guy will force you to abort a baby and turn your daughter into a lesbian!”

  2. TJ says

    Preach it, Bill!

    Did anyone notice that he didn’t specify which kinds of gays people’s attitudes are changing on? Almost like it shouldn’t matter! Shocking!

  3. greg says

    No, Bill. TV shows with gay characters came about as a RESULT of us doing the very hard, and brave, work of coming out of the closets to show our faces and changing public opinions, one person in front of us at a time. No network is going to risk putting on a show unless they did the market studies to see if it would be profitable. Can you imaging All In The Family being dropped into the 50’s or the early part of the 60’s? No, the power came from the people.

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    to be fair, Greg, art has always held up the mirror to society and also acted as the hammer that smashed the Glass Ceilings.

    look back at the history of Broadway – Show Boat, South Pacific, A Raisin in the Sun, and more. addressing the realities of racial injustice decades before “racial equality” became “popular”.

    while it is indeed the grassroots work of person-to-person connections that make a massive impact, we cannot deny the transformative power of art.

  5. Lucas says

    I think the biggest change comes from normal people like all of us when we come out of the closet. I’m the youngest of 13 children in a family of Palin lovers.. After coming out most of them have come to understand what it means to be gay and offer a lot of support.

  6. says

    Count me in…..I’m in full agreement………

    Standing up,coming out, being known as gay and daring anyone to do/say anything about it, that has changed everything……that’s what has achieved everything……..and that includes those activists in ACT UP who always had the ball$ to stand up !

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