1. says

    I am still thrown aback by the unwilliness of the people to accept gay marriages. Gay people have the same nesting needs as others. We want to build families and support each other. I hope one day all people can live authentically and be accepted and not treated cruelly and have to get laws passed to have the same rights as others.

  2. Robert in NYC says

    I believe Maryland has the referendum nonsense available. so get ready to see a repeat of what happened in Maine. Such hateful, disgustingly bigoted bastards.

  3. dctopman says

    My husband and I were there last night with 25 mostly straight people from our church. There was a HUGE crowd for the rally. We all met with the various legislators from our various districts. Sitting in their offices and telling them why this matters (face to face) was very empowering. I hope we swayed some hearts.

  4. wimsy says

    Some people resist change against all facts and logic, giving in to irrational fear and the arguments of haters. But Maryland — like several other states– is moving in the right direction.

    Take heart — reason, history and fundamental fairness are on our side.

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