Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine: I’m Christian, I Don’t Support Gay Marriage


With Megadeth's Dave Mustaine comes one more notch in the "not an ally" column:

Earlier this week, MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine was interviewed by Josh Kerns for Sunday's episode of "Seattle Sounds", which airs on on Seattle's KIRO 97.3 FM radio station. When asked if he supports gay marriage, Mustaine said, "Well, since I'm not gay, the answer to that would be no." Dave was then questioned if he would support legislation to make marriage between a man and another man legal. He replied, "I'm Christian. The answer to that would be no."


  1. says

    Hey, here’s a fun game … let’s write alt headlines for this post. I got one: “Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine: I almost killed myself with drugs so I glommed onto this ritualistic dogma to get clean and they don’t like gays so neither do I”

  2. Kenny says

    Another moron ive never heard or nor care what his opinion is to begin with.How the hell are any of these nobodies relevant to begin with? Sheesh.

  3. Butch says

    You front for a band called “Megadeath” and you’re a good Christian? Talk about some cognitive dissonance.

  4. says

    Oh, please. The man hasn’t been relevant in metal since Metallica kicked him out for his drinking. He wanted to party and be obnoxious while Hetfield and Ulrich wanted to actually make decent music. Hence, he was kicked out.

  5. Steve says

    Christianity has caused and does still cause millions of deaths. So the name is fitting. Though technically the term “mega death” is a reference to nuclear war

  6. Angela Channing says

    Oh he does not do those anti-Christian songs anymore. Would those songs be from “Killing is My Business…And Business is Good!”, “Rust in Peace” or “Peace Sells..But Who is Buying.” I love when Born Again folks say “Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven.” We’ll see.

  7. Dan says

    How often do we hear:

    “I’m a Christian… of course I support slavery.”
    “I’m a Christian… rape rocks!”
    “I’m a Christian… I sacrificed my daughter.”

    I’m no good at all the ridiculous things in the Bible, check out though.

  8. matthew says

    Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine: I’m Christian, I Don’t Support Gay Marriage. Reply: Hi, Im Matthew, I’m gay and I’m not interested in you or your so-called music or your backwards, bigoted, tired and out of date political views.

  9. says

    I don’t know about everyone else but as for me when I’m looking for guidance on public policy or Christian values and am seeking an authority to help clear up my fuzziness, I turn to Megadeath band members. They’ve always been beacons of Christianity and standard bearers for tradition.

  10. dancobbb says

    Vile. Since he’s not black I supposed he doesn’t support equal rights for blacks either. Once this man’s body could no longer sustain the drugs and the booze, he found his new addiction: Christianity. What a self-serving, solipsistic, vile person.

  11. says

    for once i’d like to hear “Of course I believe in higher taxation for the rich in order to distribute wealth and support those less fortunat – I’m a Christian!”


  12. Bart says

    Damn. I was going to be in favor of marriage equality but now that some past his prime heavy metal imbecile is against it, I guess I will be too. Because he’s such a role model for good Christian values.

    He needs to become the new NOM spokesman. He and Maggie Gallagher, the perfect storm in the freak show tent.

  13. sparks says

    And he thinks this will make him MORE relevant? LOL

    BTW, Dave does favor:
    – Debbie Gibson’s 1985 hair
    – discount face lifts
    – Debbie Gibson’s 1985 wardrobe

  14. TPOW says

    Aw, crap! Now I’m going to have to throw out all of my Megadeth records.
    Oh yeah. I don’t have any.

  15. Johnson says

    If you’re against treating others as you’d like to be treated yourself, you’re simply not a Christian; that was Christ’s greatest commandment.

  16. Matt says

    How ever shall gays thrive without the support of this “Christian” metal rocker?

    For the record, “Mr. Christian”, most Christians would call your music the devil’s music. I can’t imagine, then, that their base party is overly thrilled at your endorsement.

  17. Randy says

    Next time someone throws the whole “culture of death” crap at me, I know who to throw back at them, now.

  18. Rob says

    Seriously, there are some people that its better off to have them against you. If this is the level of “celebrity” the other side has, then that’s a huge shrug. He’s the kind of person who is definitely not going to convince any undecided folk; in fact, if anyone hears what he thinks, that might nudge some people more in favor of marrriage equality.

  19. Paul R says

    You’d think that the seeming love child of David Lee Roth and Sammy Haggar, two men, would support marriage equality.

  20. jason says

    Dave Mustaine is entitled to his opinion. One could also say that Towleroad does not support male bisexuality.

  21. says

    If you follow the link from this post, he says he wants a Republican in the White House, specifically Rick Santorum. IMO, this guy is a moron and basically another aging homophobic white guy, but I suppose there are those here who will disagree with me. Whatever, I think he’s a jerk.

  22. Paul says

    I should care what he thinks? He just wishes. BTW – Hair conditioner is cheap dude – use it. Please

  23. wtf says

    Oh Jason, give it a farking rest already. Yes, we all know you’re bi. Huzzah for you. Now, shut up already.

  24. GeorgeM says

    This man has No moral authority to have an opinion on this topic
    He goes in the dirt bag column
    He’ll just have to be one of the religious folks who’ll have to deal with it when it happens.

  25. Chris says

    Dave who?? Oh that’s right another has been milking his 15 minutes that have been long over. What a doosh

  26. roy says

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  27. bobbyjoe says

    I bet Dave Mustaine does favor legalizing incestuous marriage, though, so his Uncle Dad and Aunt Mom can finally make it legal.

  28. Macmantoo says

    When I first looked at the picture I thought it was one badly done Drag Queen. Please, no offense to any drag queeens.

  29. Saythetruth says

    But he DOES support the use of WIGS for men I see. I guess the bible doesn’t preach against it, LOL.

  30. Brad says

    Yeah, I’m sure his Christian values didn’t stop him from bedding lots and lots of groupies on his concert tours. Whatever. He’s just using his supposed faith to justify his own bigotry.

  31. Bosie says

    Seriously who is he? I’m going to look for info because my life doesn’t need another jerk…LOL I’m glad i dont know who the guy is.

  32. Frank says

    I’m Christian, and I do support gay marriage. As do the majority of people in my Christian church, and the pastor of my Christian church.

    By the way, who is Dave Mustaine, and why would anyone care what he thinks?

  33. Korczyk says

    “Mustaine … claimed that his statement was not intended to be an endorsement for Santorum.”
    Also, to some of you people who are attacking him for his beliefs, you’re all quite the hypocritical backwards people. Your moral highgrounds seem to be evading you. Also, one man’s opinions do not invalidate his entire music career or any of his other views. Fans of his music are not blund sheep who just follow his every word. No metalhead fan is close-minded. So, please, how about you Judy ignore it, and it’ll go away.
    Also, vote Ron Paul.

  34. Dave Rocks says

    For all you idiots Dave is relevant! Made and makes more money than you ever seen!!! Megadeath still packs shows, so get a clue idiots. And gay men are gross!

  35. bob bobson says

    You know, I’m really getting sick of all these stupid, dishonest, and perverted people. Homosexuality is wrong, as everyone knows. Wrong is NOT a race or a sex. Wrong is also NOT a right. And no, right and wrong are NOT equal! How could people be so stupid? And insane? And dishonest? And perverted…