1. Mitchell says

    I’m happy he’s getting well. I love his music and voice. He was my first celebrity crush. I dressed like him, had the stubble, earrings and of course my (blush!) “CHOOSE LIFE” t-shirt.

  2. Chitown kev says

    Ok, now I’m jealous because George has one really really very hot man…

    Just wish that Miss Thing wasn’t sipping on cocktails given his issues with all matters of stuff and substances but if that’s his thing, that’s his thing…

  3. jamal49 says

    I’m surprised they’re in the Maldives because it’s a very, very homophobic place. Regardless, I hope Mr. Michaels is doing better. He looks better anyway. His boyfriend is a hunk!

  4. indio says

    I’ve always liked George; may not approve of some of his dalliances, but he is who he is and his charm is in many ways as glowing as Michael Jackson’s.

    George Michael is a true Star.

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