1. k says

    It seems to be working now. What a fantastic interview and speaker. Mr Olson is able to articulate his thoughts so well, in such a logical manner and with a such a commanding presence, it makes the opponents of same-sex marriage look like fools. And not one word was said about the Bible or religion…. all from a conservative.

  2. Jeff says

    I have been having trouble with Towleroad videos for a few months now. They would play for a few seconds and then stop, but if I opened them in YouTube, they played fine. I recently switched from Firefox to Chrome and the problem is gone.

  3. Caliban says

    The video works for me.

    Ted Olson is a powerful speaker on the issue and his words are made more powerful by the fact he is conservative. It’s always a joy to see Rachel Maddow interview someone because she is by no means a lightweight in the intellectual department and she brings deep knowledge to the issues she discusses. So many TV “talking heads” are chosen because their face or voice seems to convey some indefinable quality such as “gravitas,” “wisdom,” or “knowledgeabilty,” which is not at all the same thing as actually possessing those qualities. Maddow really stands out in that crowd.

  4. Patrick says

    On the video issue. It is related to the ads loading in the back ground. I have found that the imbedded player works as long as you wait about 10 seconds or so for the page to completely load before pressing the play button. It occurs on other sites and appears to be a issue with firefox.

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