1. Paul R says

    I cannot watch the second clip. Just cannot. It hurts.

    Intervention is needed. Syria has no real exports. We have to help these people.

    But then, look how well that things have gone in Egypt.

  2. Max says

    Paul R, you cannot help these people. The “Arab Spring” will replace Arab dictatorships with Islamic theocracies. That is exactly what they are fighting for: more Islam. The idea of an Arab democracy, in which human rights and civil rights are protected, is a mirage.

    Did you protest “intervention” when Saddam Hussein was gassing the Kurds?

  3. Paul R says

    Max, I’m not sure that I get your point. If you’re suggesting that I would support gassing anyone, you are entirely wrong. Especially Kurds, of the three main ethnicities in Iraq.

    I also do not share your seemingly bitter view of Islam and the Arabic world. But that’s simply opinion.

  4. says

    Max is right. Theocracy – anti woman, anti gay, anti art, anti creativity – theocracy.

    It is not bitter, it is what is happening.

    My question – how do you battle snipers in room to room combat? Snipers are elevated and distant. They do not do hand to hand. Is this just propaganda? Or is it real?

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