Opponents File Paperwork for Voter Referendum on Marriage Equality in Maryland

ParrottSame-sex marriage opponents filed paperwork for a voter referendum petition with the state Board of Elections today to undo marriage equality legislation passed this week, the AP reports:

Delegate Neil Parrott said he filed draft language for a referendum petition with the state board of elections Friday, a day after the Senate joined the House in approving a bill to allow same-sex marriages. Gov. Martin O’Malley endorses the measure and plans to sign it next week.

The board has a week to consider the submission and if it is approved, Parrott and others will begin collecting the 55,736 signatures needed to bring the measure to the November ballot.

Parrott says he plans to turn in double the number of required signatures to ensure certification.


  1. Fenrox says

    Sigh, This will now always be the reaction. Kinda wonder what the better over all outcome would be to one of these. If it was shot down by the people it would be hailed by conservatives as a success and all rights should be voted like that. If it succeeds they wont ever shut up about the victory.

  2. ChrisQ says

    Sad to say, but this will be another Maine. I wonder if MD taxpayers realize they will be throwing money at lawsuits for years. And it will be a waste since at some point in the next few years the SCOTUS will rule against these kinds of referenda and bigoted amendments and they will all become moot. We should be very ready though to capture as much divisive Maggie “black chruch” rhetoric as possible. That’s how they are going to accomplish overturning the law. Mark these words.

  3. Dana Chilton says

    Maryland is overwhelmingly Democratic. The Republicans in their legislature are nearly universally anti-marriage; but that’s not new. Many of the comments here condemning Republican hatred would do well to think of the large number of Democrats supporting Parrott’s efforts. There is a strain of the Republican party that is pro-marriage and a strain of the Democratic party that is anti-gay. Neither party currently supports our right to equal protection under the law.

  4. Publius says

    If people who endorse heterosexual marriage are to be slandered with hate speech such as “bigot,” is any less admirable for those who endorse homosexual marriage to be slandered with the hate speech label “faggot?” Hate begets Hate both ways. This is a democracy and the majority vote is to be acquiesced by the minority. That is the rule of law, thank you.

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