Oregon Mayor Says Gay Unions Are an ‘Abomination’, Calls Washington State ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’, Apologizes

Daniel Pokorney, the Mayor of La Grande, Oregon, apologized at a public forum on Monday night after remarks he made about same-sex marriage on his Facebook page drew attention angered constituents and members of Eastern Oregon University’s Gay-Straight Alliance, the La Grande Observer reports:

PokorneyFacing a crowd dominated by college students, he wasted neither time nor words defending himself.

“I sincerely apologize for my choice of words in the two Facebook posts last week. My choice of words was harmful and hurtful,” he said. “I don’t hate anyone. My intent was not to be hurtful, but to express myself on important issues. I understand there is a right way and a wrong way to address the issues.”

In one of his Facebook posts, Pokorney called Washington state the “latest state to transition to Sodom and Gomorrah,” and in another, he criticized New Jersey for continuing what he called the “abomination of same sex unions.”

Many had called for the mayor's resignation. It's unclear, after the forum, which lasted a couple of hours, if those demands will still being made.

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  1. Robbie says

    Too many political figures are getting away with their ‘apologizing’ for comments made on Twitter and Facebook and other social media. They all knew what they were getting themselves into and did it anyway. An apology is no longer enough. When you spread hate you need to face the consequences and step down from your position of authority as you are no longer worthy of it. No exceptions!

  2. says

    well, it wasn’t the choice of wording that was offensive – it was the sentiment.

    and the story of Sodom was about greed and the hoarding of wealth and provisions away from those in need.

    so if one is worried about a “modern day Sodom” the need to be worried about the refusal to redistribute wealth to the poor.

    alas, Right-Wing Christians will ignore this scriptural reality.

    this is one of those things that people don’t seem to understand: you can google as hard as you want and you WILL NOT FIND any bigoted or prejudicial statements against the LGBT Community by President Obama.

    bigots like this mayor? bigotry is THE driving force behind their so-called “opinions”

    the man is scum.

  3. voet says

    You would think that after all of the apologies public figures have had to make, that people would start waking up to the fact that even the mayor of a small town in Oregon cannot get away with bigotry and hate speech.

  4. sara says

    The latest craze, say something, apologize for it, but *wink* *wink* you know I really meant to say this. It’s like that Santorum aide calling Obama’s policies radical Islamic, then later apologizng. She’s speaking to their constituents & letting them know we believe this but apology was only to be politically correct.

  5. chgoguy7 says

    @Robbie, well said. These comments were made just last week and he had to know they were wrong at the time of writing them, else he is not self-aware or in control of himself enough to be mayor of a town. @Tim NC, the only thing worse than reading about a vile bigot like this is reading a comment by another bigot. Ageism is bigotry! It’s not his age that is offensive here.

  6. Ron says

    @SARA: You’re exactly right! These politicians are pandering to their base via these incendiary and hateful speech, then issuing non-apologies. It’s a disgusting tactic and someone needs to call them on it!

  7. Tim says

    Those two cities always sound so dreadful! When people want to make sex and people doing the act sound so evil and vile.
    I always picture dreadful actions ablaze back then. It sounds wonderful, of course, until hellfire and brimstone rain on their parade.

  8. says

    But it’s very heartening that many of the folks around there are protesting his bigotry. Eastern OR hasn’t exactly been known for that.

    Even if the numbers of protestors is small, the fact that they’re willing to stand up publicly to this guy is great progress.

  9. vanndean says

    So it is now alright to say or post any ignorant crap one so desires and then offer up an insincere apology and that makes it okay. I wish I had known it was so easy before now.

  10. says

    The enemy is religion. This mayor apologizes for his hurtful words, but it’s beyond his control – the Bible takes precedence over the Constitution. The wall that separates church and state must crumble, and if he has to cast the first stone, so be it, its the will of God. The enemy is religion.

  11. jack says

    Just another hater who turns into a weenie when confronted. This guy is a joke. Never, never, never accept the apologies of the haters because they don’t mean them. Just expose them, ridicule them and do what you can to make their lives as miserable as they have attempted to make yours.

  12. PatricknChuck says

    La Grande is a beautiful place, but it has the conservative politics of most of Oregon outside the liberal bastion of Portland and they hate Portland and our politics.

  13. Steerpike says

    Why do all these bigots look like men I’d never let hang around a children’s play area? WTF is with that pencil mustache? And TINTED spectacles? It’s like that dude George Farah on World Net Daily: he has a muctache that makes him look like someone who molests domestic animals.

  14. Paul in Charleston says

    Once upon a time some christian shaman comes up with the phrase “hate the sin, love the sinner” and we are all supposed to feel warm and cuddly knowing that deep in their hearts they love us, they really, really love us. People like this mayor, Santorum, Gingrich, Romney will never ever change how they feel about non-heterosexuals because they will never ever challenge what some “authority” told them. They can be presented with
    science proving that all sexual expression is “normal” and natural but their belief in magic and superstition prevents them from accepting any information that does not conform with what they have been told.
    It is also possible that anyone of these rabidly anti-gay reformers as a youth saw a naked male body,popped a boner and has been shamefully denying that reaction ever since. Because they are all woefully and dangerously ignorant about human sexuality they would immediately think such a reaction “makes them gay”. And what better way to “prove” your not-gayness to yourself, the world and the sky fairy than by vehemently pushing for a return to the 1950’s when it was not only a sin to be non-heterosexual it was illegal too! If the Kinsey or Klein Scale was used universally instead of the artificial terms “homo-, hetero- and bisexual” the teenage Mitt Romneys of the world would know that “getting chubby” in the gym showers doesn’t make you a Kinsey-6 it just means you are not a Kinsey-0

  15. Craig says

    a·pol·o·gy noun, plural -gies.

    1. a written or spoken expression of one’s regret, remorse, or sorrow for having insulted, failed, injured, or wronged another

    I would suggest that he KNOWS what an apology actually IS before he tries issuing one. ANYONE who believes this clown is as ignorant as he is.

  16. Butler says

    First of all, I live in La Grande. It’s far from a “beautiful mountain town.” More like a heavy wind on a muddy beach. And, secondly, who cares what someone says? So many hateful comments on this page, and then you want respect… because why?… Because you have sex with someone who has the same sexual organs? You’re special because you are a human, not because you’re a homosexual. Daniel Pokorney is a fine man who seeks to do well by his neighbor.

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