1. J.P. says

    I actually saw the show last night and found myself agreeing somewhat with Sandy Rios… not that Ellen should be fired, but that special interest groups have the right to call for someone to be fired. I really didn’t get Bill’s point that it is wrong to call for a company to fire a spokesperson.

    Also, a later segment was really interesting. Bernie Goldberg was on to speak about a different topic, but spoke forcefully that he believes Conservatives are bigotted against gay people and it is wrong. When Bill said that they were just concerned that Ellen was “flaunting” her sexuality, he countered that he (Bernie) also flaunts his heterosexuality.

  2. kpo5 says

    Bill O has definitely changed in how he handles LGBT issues. I’m guessing someone very close to him came out.

  3. s parker says

    No, I doubt it’s personal revelation. He’s no dummy. He’s a self-serving ass, but he is a good barometer for where the conservotards are in this country. He would never say anything controversial to them. So we can probably assume that even most Republicans can see the inequality in employment discrimination.

    He has a decent strategy; he’ll slowly open up and become less of a bigot, and when we finally get to a point in Ameirca with majority support and common sense, he’ll act like he was on our side the whole time, and probably even helped us get here. Or he’ll die first. He is what, seventy?

  4. justinw says

    Wow. If she thinks Ellen is alarming, I’d like her to see my life. I and my husband do pervy things like chores and housekeeping, paying bills, caring for his parents, taking walks, and occasionally going out for dinner. We’ve also been known to take vacations! Why, he even drove me to work once! *shock* All while tainting our entire surroundings with ‘teh ghey’.

  5. Matt S says

    My bet is that Bill didn’t oppose the Million Moms until they refused to come on his show. He felt spurned so this is how he strikes back. I think this is Bill being petty, not Bill wising up.

  6. enough already says

    I don’t know that he has changed his views. I strongly suspect that the private Bill O’Reilly is a very different man than the money-making O’Reilly we see on FAUX News.
    Every so often, the private O’Reilly bleeds through the makeup and this was one of those times.

  7. uffda says

    S.PARKER is spot on calling O’Reilly “a self-serving ass”. I’ve said it before and think it’s true, he’s not a comic, or any kind of right-minded commentator, he’s an opportunist.

  8. Jwl says

    Kudos to Bill for sure, because god knows a lot of people on the other side really listen to him. It makes a MUCH bigger impact in our favor when someone like O’reilly makes comments like this than someone like the amazing Rachael Maddow who is brilliant, but mostly preaching to the choir.

  9. Rance says

    Even O’Reilly knows that these hate groups have “jumped the shark” with this ridiculous campaign.

  10. says

    O’Reilly is often more pragmatic than he’s given credit for. He’s actually written in support of Obama, for example. He’s conservative in the more classic sense: fiscal restraint and would rather not shake the boat socially. His show, and Fox in general, tends to highlight the extremes because that’s what their audience seems to feed on and the type who is willing to get on the network. I don’t agree with him on everything, but I’ll at least listen to him. Unfortunately, his pragmatism often is lost in the noise.

  11. J.P. says

    I think some of you are giving Billo too much credit. His only point was that groups should not call for the firing of a company spokesperson. He suggested they should just stop shopping there. He also later said that he understoof their concerns… that Ellen flaunts her homosexuality.

  12. DUG says

    i agree with sandy, they’re entitled to do it, though i can’t imagine what effect it will actually have. our side does it as well when someone we don’t like is put in that position, though i do understand there’s a difference between ellen living her life and the hate speech of a bigot. good for jc penney for standing their ground. i think more than a million moms also love ellen.

    and, where were these moms when fox put her on american idol? were they telling fox they wouldn’t watch their shows? lots of families watch(ed) that show. same for whatever network airs her daytime show. why is jc penney where the line is? hopefully, they’re bottom line won’t be affected by this. i’d suggest we all rally and start shopping there…but i don’t see that as very realistic.

  13. Rin says

    I am pissed that they stole “Mom” and are using it to further a stupid agenda. You can’t steal Mom like you speak for all moms.

    Unless it’s ” A Million Stupid Moms” or “A Million Bigoted Moms”. I’m a mom and I would buy anything from Ellen. She’s just that frickin’ cool.

  14. Matt26 says

    This was a pleasant surprise. I am glad BOR expressed a strong opinion.
    I just wonder what his red neck viewers thought. Hopefully they began to rethink.

  15. tony says

    Isn’t this the guy that demanded Ludacris be fired by Pepsi? I appreciate him standing up for whats right here, but hes nothing if not inconsistent and often hypocritical!

  16. gr8guyca says

    I wonder how many women are actually a part of “A Million Moms.”
    It’s a catchy name and implies a huge membership. My guess: maybe 10,000 Moms at most.

  17. Hollywood, CA says

    @ Brian!!! – “What does Charlene from Designing Women have against Ellen?” – That made me actual LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!! Dying!

  18. emma says

    I’d be willing to bet that one million mom’s is probably closer to Ellen’s daily viewership.

  19. Paul R says

    He’s been a quiet supporter all along. He gave an interview to Out (the magazine) about 10 years ago that was anything but abrasive. He’s just wanted to keep his job and throw raw meat to his viewers. Self-serving is correct, but I suspect his Fox overlords quash his libertarian tendencies.

  20. jack says

    If you listen to Ms Rios’ comments you can see clearly what she and the extreme right are worried about: Gay people are becoming increasingly accepted as part of the American family. One of the most important things that has led to this acceptance is that millions of LGBT people have come out of the closet and now live proud and openly as gay folks. To any gay people still in the closet, and there are probably millions, please come out, if at all possible, and live free and open lives.

  21. Derek in Iowa says

    What’s got Bill-o’s panties in a bunch is that the ‘phobes are messing with corporate profits. It’s fine with him when his fans go after non-profits and public institutions that barely have the resources to operate, much less defend themselves on the PR battlefield (Planned Parenthood, the public schools), but Penny’s and the entire corporate world are waking up to the fact that teh gays as a group have a lot of discretionary income, and they want it. Bill-o is, as always, doing the bidding of his corporate paymasters by protecting their profits, their bonuses, their golden parachutes, etc. After all, most of us in the 99% are still surviving somehow: that means we’ve got money left in our pockets (however little). Bill-o is a pitchman, and no pitchman worth his salt ever lets a mark walk away with money in his pockets.

  22. Gene says

    He has his moments, and when those moments come I feel slightly better about the state of the world.

  23. says

    don’t get excited – Bill is also FURIOUS about the ‘liberal activist judges’ responsible for yesterday’s Prop 8 ruling.

    yup. he’s still against LGBT Equality. dont’ get confused.

  24. William says

    Can I ask Fox News to fire Sandaloo Rios because a group of us do not like how she has chosen to have a pair of weird lazy eyes?

  25. ajjanthony says

    Although Bill still calls it a “lifestyle”. A lifestyle pertains to a common way of life for a group of people such as traveling sales people or a rock star or a international journalist. Those are life styles. Gayness is a life not a life”style”. We are social workers, lawyers, accounting clerks etc who live in cities, small towns, villages etc.

  26. Mary says

    The Christian Right is making a mistake going after Ellen Degeneres. Maybe this boycot would have worked 15 years ago, but too much has changed in the culture. Ellen is popular with middle America and this is because she is not a screaming leftist and doesn’t appear to have political/cultural hostility (unlike Rosie O’Donnell.) This campaignn against Ellen is as bad as the uproar over Chaz Bono when he simply danced on a TV show. Both Chaz and Ellen are likeable people and just the type of gay people that mainstream Americans are coming to accept. For God’s sake, even I felt for Chaz and was proud of Cher when she defended her son publicly (which is family values in action, BTW.)

    The One Million Moms should either find themselves more extreme targets (Dan Savage, maybe?) or spend their time on more constructive activities.

  27. Robert Cadalso says

    Sandy Rios looks like Bambi. She should let us know which Dr. did her face, so others don’t get hitched with a bad face job.

    What’s next for O’Reilly? MSNBC?

  28. MKelley says

    I am glad that Bill O’Reilly opposes the One Million Moms, and their backlash against Ellen DeGeneres. They are so hypocritical about how they approach things, I bet they would have a fit if a man or woman was fired for being a Christian, but somehow they have the right to call for the removal of a woman who is gay? Ellen isn’t seen in those advertisements hitting on women or engaging in any behavior that would really cause a child to think she was a lesbian. The commercials she stars in are about how annoying coupons are, and what it was like to buy Levi’s in the smelly old west. If a kid had never heard of her, they would probably think nothing of it. If parents are so concerned about their children being aware that homosexuals exist, it is up to them to shelter them more. I am not saying that it’s right, but they shouldn’t be attempting to get a spokesperson fired for reasons irrelevant to the ad campaign.