1. says

    oh, PFOX….Parents & Friends Who Denied Love & Acceptance To Gays And Talked About HELL And Forced Their “Loved Ones” to Live a Lie (breaking the 9th Commandment) to Appease Lowly Bigoted Mortals.

    sure, not the most acronym-friendly name but it’s closer to the truth.

    nobody has “unwanted” attractions. people only have attractions that others don’t want them to have.

    the videos of these poor “ex-gays” are textbook examples of how terrible the families of these people are – forcing a “loved one” into a loveless life. it’s unacceptable.

  2. jack says

    Has PFLAG distributed flyers in that school. If not, I hope that they will. This school system has opened up the opportunity for many positive gay groups to distribute their literature. We don’t have anything to worry about if a truly free exchange of ideas is permitted.

  3. Mykelb says

    PFOX is headquartered in Montgomery County, Maryland and is generally considered a group of retarded religious fascists with nothing better to do with their time than try to influence children to their sick form of religious hatred.

  4. SammySeattle says

    I’ll say it every time: Why do these people insist on identifying with that which they claim to no longer be? Is it just to demonize those who have the courage to be who they are? If you are ex-gay what does that mean? If conversion therapy actually worked wouldn’t they be, “converted” to straight?

  5. jack says

    To Mykelb’s post: You should remove the word “retarded” from your vocabulary. It is hurtful to people with special needs children,at whom it is usually aimed.

  6. Josh says

    Thanks for the strong words, Kiwi. I always enjoy your posts. Once upon a time, I was an evangelical closet case and had an opportunity to see PFOX’s rep Regina Griggs at an Exodus “Lead Me Out of Gay Egypt” jamboree. She was an unpleasant harridan with a chip on her shoulder because her out son had the gumption to say, “F you Mom, I’ve got a life to live!”

  7. says

    i’m glad you found your way Out, JOSH.

    there’s an exchange in the film “KINSEY” that hit me hard – when Kinsey is interviewing gay males in the bar, and the young man is talking about being beaten by his father and brothers, and branded by them for being caught with another boy. he says something along the lines of “i don’t mind being a homosexual, i just wish everyone else wasn’t so angry about it.” (paraphrased)

  8. Nick says

    I work in MCPS, advise a high school GSA. They’ve been distributing these fliers to select high schools for about 5 years. I hope the Board of Ed revises this silly policy. Would they allow a non-profit to distribute fliers home advocating shock therapy? Doubt it. What’s the difference?

  9. George M says

    I’ve gone round and round with PFOX a few times and the family organization that pushes to have ex-gay BS added to their sex education classes. This was big for a while they sued and the county fought back. Nick do you remember that? The county formed a committee to work out the sex Ed curriculum and they wanted PFOX to be represented.
    Citizens for responsible curriculum or something like that.

    Anyway PFOX wants ex gays added to anti discrimination laws because they believe they are discriminated against More then LGBT people. When Obama stated inviting LGBT groups to the white house they were furious
    Because they were not invited as well, another example of the double standard, as I was told. This state has a lot of exgays in it. My response to them was if you’re claiming to be ex-gay then you must be str8 and there for covered under discrimination laws, sex and gender. They want ex-gay spelled out. They were also the ones that wanted Disney to add ex-gays to it policies but the shair holders said no. They claim to love gay people even if you want to “stay” gay but being based on religion they are against SSM, hate crime laws, are for DADT and DOMA because it assaults their religion. But I guess it’s ok to add ex-gays to the discrimination laws
    I wait for the day they run out of money!!!

  10. Caliban says

    To me this is the same as if the school district allowed a group promoting “alternative medicine” like crystals or aromatherapy as a valid alternative to medical science. There’s NO evidence the treatment works, plenty that says it doesn’t, and it undoubtedly has damaged, even killed, (via suicide) some who have undergone it.

    It’s not “just another viewpoint,” it’s demonstrably false and dangerous.

  11. ADAS says

    Somehow I knew this was going to be about Montgomery County. I graduated nearly five years ago from an MCPS school, and quite honestly didn’t think the school system was capable of this kind of behavior. The schools are the definition of diverse in every sense of the word, but allowing this to happen is something entirely different. There’s a difference between a group promoting diversity and one based on unfounded logic. Some of the brightest minds come out of MCPS, it’s a shame the same can’t be said of those running those schools.

  12. KatieMurphy - ex cath says

    One of hteir most powerful Bs items is the fix the gays biz

    which at the NGLTF conference we were told by several survivors how most fixes didnt work and about 25% of the ifxed gays committed suicide.

    BTW George Rekers, founder of the hate group FRC, as well as NARTH – the national association for research and treatment of homosexuality got caught paying $15000 via for a 21 year old stud to accompany him to Europe as a male escort.

    They had “light gay sex” said “lucien”, when he outed Narth pres. Rekers. Who got kicked out of the group.

    As usual its the same old story.

    And if you think the catholic church is bad news re molestation, just googel

    “southern baptists – child molestation”


  13. Scott Rose says


    Montgomery County Schools Board President Brandman:

    I have several questions for you regarding your school district’s authorization for the distribution of PFOX flyers.

    PFOX is a religious organization, which has to some extent learned to hide and/or camouflage its religious motivations and intentions.

    Despite PFOX’s camouflaging of its religious motivations, when you promote the group through a public school, you are violating the constitutionally-mandated separation of church and state.

    This is particularly alarming to me as a contributor to The Journal for the Study of Anti-Semitism.

    The PFOX website has a “Daily Prayer,” for your reference it is at this link: ( Here is how the PFOX Daily Prayer begins:

    “Father, in the Precious Name of Your Son Jesus, I come, first of all with a heart of thanksgiving, for the sacrifices you made at Calvary for us all. It is because of your living, your suffering, your dying and your resurrection that we are able to claim redemption today. Father, I want to thank you for the awesome change you have wrought in MY life. How you allowed me to survive while I was trapped under the deception of homosexuality, that it even resembled ‘life’. Lord, thank you for how you protected me all those years, for how you provided for me and healed my body even though I was so lost. Thank you, Lord, for how you loved me anyway and how you NEVER let me out of your site. And most of all, Lord, I thank you for how you spoke to my heart one Tuesday morning and called me to come out from among them, to begin this joyous journey of your tremendous salvation. Thank you Jesus! Thank you for your gifts and for this ministry to teach and to love those who, like I once did, walk outside of your will with regard to homosexuality. Thank you for choosing me to share the truth of your rewards of eternal life through your son, Jesus, but also to warn about the consequences of rejecting the truth of your Word and your divine order.”

    I believe that just the beginning of the PFOX Daily Prayer speaks for itself and that you understand why I assert that by allowing the group to distribute materials through your public schools, you are violating the separation of church and state.

    PFOX Board Member Peter Sprigg has been giving disingenuous interviews to the media in which he says that if people will just look at the content of the PFOX “they will see there is nothing in here that is insulting or even critical of homosexuals.”

    For you to understand Sprigg’s theocratically-motivated duplicity in that statement, you have to know that he has said on radio broadcasts that “every human being is born in the image of God, and to be born in the image of God is a far higher and better thing than for anyone to be born gay.”

    You can hear PFOX’s Sprigg saying that, and more, at this link, where he is talking with the notorious anti-Semite, racist, anti-gay bigot Bryan Fischer:

    Now, here is what I want to know from you:

    1) Do you acknowledge that PFOX has right-wing Christian-specific, theocratic motivations?

    2) Do you acknowledge that PFOX is an organization that seeks to proselytize?

    3) Do you acknowledge that PFOX’s proselytizing goes beyond boundaries of . . for example . . trying to convince Jews that they will go to hell if they don’t accept Jesus . . to trying to convince gay people that they will go to hell if they don’t accept Jesus and repress their homosexuality?

    4) Do you acknowledge that in allowing PFOX to distribute its flyers, you have violated the constitutionally-mandated separation of church and state?

    Please respond by 5p.m., Tuesday, February 7. Please be advised that I will be in communication with federal authorities about this matter.

    Scott Rose

  14. David Fishback says

    PFLAG, in conjunction with the Equality Maryland Foundation and the Southern Poverty Law Centers Teaching Tolerance program, will be distributing fliers in all Montgomery County high schools in April to counteract the PFOX message, discredited by all American mainstream health care professional associations, that people can choose to change their sexual orientation. The school system should include this information in its health education curriculum.

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