Police Seek Third Suspect in Atlanta Anti-Gay Hate Crime, Believed to Be Hiding in Erie, Pennsylvania


UPDATED: Williams has turned himself in.

Police are still searching for a third suspect in the vicious beating of 20-year-old Brandon White by a gang outside an Atlanta grocery store earlier this month. They have two suspects in custody but are seeking the public's help in finding a third

GangattackDareal Demare Williams is believed to be hiding in the Erie, Pennsylvania area, according to police, WXIA reports.

They said Williams is a known member of the Pittsburgh Jack City Gang, and thought to be staying with friends and relatives in Erie. The Pittsburgh Jack City Gang, which also goes by the name Jack City 1029, is a violent street gang based in Atlanta. Officials said a warrant for Williams' arrest has been issued in connection with the videotaped beating of White, which was posted on the Internet. Investigators said Williams is a minor, but has been charged as an adult for his role in the beating. They said a $25,000 reward has been offered by authorities for information to his arrest.

White came forward earlier this month after the beating, in which gang members punched and kicked him while laughing and calling him a "faggot", went viral.

Said White at the time: "By them going ahead and putting it on the internet, I feel that they wanted the attention…they wanted to make themselves look like they were brave or strong, but in my opinion, I'm the brave one."

U.S. Attorney Sally Quillian Yates said her office is looking into potential civil rights violations based on sexual orientation. Georgia does not have a hate crimes statute.


  1. says

    I expect the inevitable “gay panic” defense from any or all of these lowlifes. “Walking while gay”, according to their lawyers, will be described as “provocative behavior”. Sad.

    What’s even MORE upsetting is, if there hadn’t been holy-sh*t, sit-up-in-your-seat VIDEO (made by the attackers themselves) of this horrific attack, chances are it would not have received the national attention and vigorous investigation it did. Something to ponder…

  2. Mark says

    Make it a non-issue and learn to protect yourself. You can’t complain if you don’t take responsibility for your own personal safety and instead leave it to someone else. Learn self-defense–buy pepper spray–learn how to use a gun. As we become more visible and accepted cockroaches like the one pictured above will feel more legitimized in attacking us. They only care about themselves, so if they believe they might get a bullet in the head they might think once–if not twice–before they show their ignorance and hatred through violence.

  3. JP says

    Mark I don’t know if you saw the video…but they jumped him by surprise. The first hit was literally from behind (no pun intended) so there’s no real way he could have feasibly defended himself if he didn’t see the attack coming.

  4. elg/edwin says

    “Mark I don’t know if you saw the video…but they jumped him by surprise. The first hit was literally from behind (no pun intended) so there’s no real way he could have feasibly defended himself if he didn’t see the attack coming.”

    What you said above is true in THIS case but there are situations where pepper spray and/or a gun might save you from a beating and/or save your life.

  5. says

    Teen wanted by FBI turns self in to Erie police

    STAFF REPORT, Erie Times-News

    A teenager wanted by the FBI on adult charges in Georgia is in custody after turning himself in to Erie police on Wednesday night.

    Dareal Demare Williams, 17, turned himself in at 10:30 p.m., police said this morning. He was turned over to the FBI.

    Williams is wanted in Fulton County, Ga., on robbery and aggravated assault charges. The FBI said he was believed to be staying with friends and relatives in the Erie area.


  6. Mark says

    Yeah. I am all out of real time self-defense footage that exactly matches the attack in the article. I know that is the only way some will concede anything I have said is valid. Hopefully you’ll find a way to make the connection to the point I was making about martial arts on your own. Like I said, Google is your friend. Good luck! :)

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