‘Priscilla’ Director Stephan Elliott: I’m Gay

It may not come as that much of surprise given that he directed one of the most iconic gay films of the 90's, but director Stephan Elliott came out of the closet for the first time publicly yesterday at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards, ABC reports:

Elliott"I've been offshore for many, many years for another reason," Elliott, director of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert and A Few Best Men, said. "Basically it was because I was scared of who I was. I basically was scared that I was gay. Even after Priscilla I stayed offshore basically because I was frightened of my family. And tonight I'm coming out."

The news was greeted by loud, supportive applause and looks of shock from his peers.

A teary Elliott then thanked the audience and urged other high-profile members of the entertainment industry to get behind the push for equal marriage rights in Australia.

Elliott is out with his first new film,  A Few Best Men, in years. Since Priscilla he had made just three — Welcome to Woop Woop (1997), 1999's Eye Of The Beholder and 2008's Easy Virtue starring Jessica Biel and Colin Firth


  1. Gigi says

    Congratulations! We all come to in on our own terms. Each and every time someone comes out it gets a little bit easier for the next one. I hope he finds happiness (if he hasn’t already).

  2. bruce says

    I think Priscilla was a film about camp, not a film about male homosexuals. There’s a big difference, you know.

    As for Stephen Elliot having to go offshore, I never realized that Australia was such a homophobic place. I was going to go there for my holidays but I think I’ll cancel now.

  3. Andrew F says

    @Endo: Who said he was wealthy or successful? He’s not exactly a ‘name’ director. Most of his films since “Priscilla” have been both critical and box-office failures.

  4. dms says

    As someone who works in the biz, you’d be surprised how a working director might not be “rich” in the sense that he’ll never have to worry about a paycheck.

    While he’s probably not eating cat food, he’s far from Mittens Romney.

  5. says

    Australian directors are generally never wealthy unless they fall into directing bigger budget fair. As a member of the film industry, however, he had the means of acquiring a US working visa so it wasn’t simply a case of having money and deciding to move as if he’s some wealthy guy with a whim.

    Some of y’all are just so bizarre. One person’s coming out is cause for celebration because it means something to you (you’re a fan), but someone else’s doesn’t. Crazy.

    As for Stephen Elliot, I wasn’t aware of him being closeted per se, but I knew he’d never really come out publicly so good on him for doing so. His new movie, “A Few Best Men” (starring Xavier Samuel and Olivia Newton John) isn’t particularly good, but hopefully it’s success here in his home country will get some interest going back into his career. “Priscilla” is too good to be a one off (“Easy Virtue” was nice, too).

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