1. says

    gave me chills! love and solidarity to my brothers and sisters in Forth Worth, and in the state of Texas.

    rise up, stay strong.

    it was galling in NYC, the eve that marriage equality came to NY State that the The Eagle was raided as well. no, it wasn’t a coincidence.

    every once in a while the wrong type of police officers let their insecurities take over and they go out to remind Those Fags where they belong.

    too bad we’re not gonna take it anymore.

  2. Robbie says

    It is scary to see that this kind of thing still happens even after 40 years of fight and struggle.
    Thankfully we are many and strong and we will continue to fight back. As time goes on we will become stronger and louder. We have the power and we know how to use it!

  3. Hollywood, CA says

    They should title it “An Authentic Negro Experience.” – Shame on the Fort Worth Police dept. and hats off to the strong and fierce gays in that town who came together. It’s terrible that it takes tragedy to unify Gay People, but history tells us that it’s the only way the ball gets moving.

    I cannot wait to go see this.

  4. Eddie says

    wow. i dunno. the united states? i never really feel strange or different, or in this case, criminal, until they deem me so. even then… at the end of the day: i know better.

  5. FunMe says

    It is so sad that in this day and age this would happen. But it did and can still happen anywhere in the US, unless we continue to fight back.

    Discrimination does not pay … it will costs cities money. I searched and came up with this update from March 2011:

    “The city of Fort Worth agreed Tuesday to pay $400,000 to a patron at a gay bar who was severely injured in a police raid two years ago, a settlement that avoided a federal civil rights lawsuit.”

    I wonder if others sued?

  6. Rob Zeleniak says

    This tragic event was the equivalent of a southern posse riding out in their pickup trucks to harass blacks. I would label it aggressive intimidation in the extreme, and a misuse of police authority.

  7. M. Scott Hernandez says

    When I lived in Fort Worth, the FWPD would pester the three gay bars ALL the time. Knowing FW, IF there is a law suit pending, it is on the road to nowhere. Good ‘ole boys take care of each other.

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