1. Dback says

    Love Patricia Clarkson bouncing up and down and clapping at Rogan’s take-no-prisoners remarks. That, combined with her incredibly gracious toast to the departed Bingham Ray, champion of indy film, makes me wish she could handle the wake and memorial service when I die (hopefully not for about 50 years).

  2. new-new says

    Seth needs to have a seat. He is the same man who had his character rape Anna Faris for comedy in a film.

    he also ignores the scores of white people who have done despicable things but have been nominated or won academy awards like:

    Roman Polanski
    Robert Downey Jr.
    Mark Wahlberg
    Robin Williams
    many others

    While i find what Breezy did to be deplorable and disgusting, it would be wrong to ignore the not-so-covert racism in this situation. He can all all the seats with this BS.

  3. Donny says

    @NEW-NEW – Are you for real? Both of the incidents he made comments about were recent. Very recent. The examples you provided are very much in the past. As for your racism asertion, he spoke about Brett Ratner too. Yeah, um, he’s white. You don’t make any sense. Have a seat yourself!

  4. new-new says

    @ Donny

    What’s the difference between 10 years and 3 years when it comes to violent crime? really?

  5. JC says

    I wasn’t much of a fan of Seth’s because I was introduced to him in the Knocked Up movie, which I thought was disgustingly sexist. I like him a bit more after these comments, though.

  6. says

    New-New, except “Observe and Report” is a movie. Seth Rogen didn’t *actually* rape somebody. And the Ratner, Brown references are topical and recent hence they were included and Roman Polanski was not.

  7. says

    That was hilarious. I was so sad his movie 50/50 didn’t get some love at the Oscars. It was truly my favorite from the year.

  8. Mike B. says

    He should have rehearsed. He’s no stand up comedian; that was excruciating, even though some of those line were pretty decent.

  9. Rin says

    I thought it was funny. I didn’t think it was racist.

    There’s a line in Gone with the Wind where Rhett tells a crying Scarlet: You’re like the horse thief who’s not at all sorry he did it, but he’s certainly upset that he got caught.

    That’s how I feel about these public GLBT and NOW forced apologies. When you have to “see the light” because you could lose money or a job then you aren’t really sincerely taking those steps towards being a better more compassionate person. Had female, gay or lesbian friends quietly convinced these folks of the error of their ways it would be believable to me.

  10. Jack says


    You’re one of those people who sees racism around every corner aren’t you? People like you do a lot of harm when legitimate racism rears its head.


  11. new-new says

    race isn’t a card people play. it’s a social institution thats deeply intertwined in our lives on both macro and micro levels. it’s more and deeper than someone calling someone a name.

  12. Michael in Toronto says

    He killed.

    He has the best laugh.

    If you could rein him in a tad (the language) he could kill at the Oscars — with cohost Tina Fey.

  13. uffda says

    Imagine talking about George Clooney like that. Imagine being part of an audience that laughs at it, or that thinks Rogan’s occasional humor can possible redeem him from his otherwise stench. And Kiwi thinks he’s sexy. Perfect.

  14. ken says

    You’re right New-New, I’ve never trusted James Earl Jones ever since his death star blew up an entire inhabited planet

  15. Angela says

    I totally am disgusted with Chris Brown and everything he stands for. I still think it was weird that they had him perform. But why are people bringing him up now and wasn’t speaking up 3 years ago when the incident happened? It all seems lame and desperate to me to come off as relevant like you are hip to wants going on in the world now. I love Seth, but he just comes off as thirsty just like Miranda Lambert and every other off the wall person who’s been makin comments THIS MONTH.

  16. Dan Cobb says

    I’ve always thought this dude was extremely hot looking. Very hot. Now I think he’s really cool too. Thanks, Seth. Awesome that you’re calling these people out for their bigotry and violence!

  17. antisaint says

    Love me some Seth Rogen. I was a little disappointed when he lost weight, but glad to see a tiny bit of the bounce-back.

    @New-New – These days the racists ones are easily spotted because they bring up race.

    Did Seth Rogen say something that was racist, or are you yourself mistrusting of white-skinned people because of things that happened in the past? Sometimes the cop is just a-hole. Sometimes the waitress is having a bad day. Sometimes the actor is just trying to be funny. Stop mistrusting white people just because they’re white. That’s racist. It’s 2012.

  18. Billy says

    I love how people still are passing judgement on Chris Brown and don’t know any of the facts. What if she started the fight. I was taught if someone if hitting me, fight back. Us gays could learn from that.

  19. Syrax says

    @Billy, he pleaded guilty. Those are the facts. Do you think there’s something Rihanna could have done to 6’0 Brown that resulted in the way she were? From what I remember at the time he wasn’t as much as scratched.

  20. Perkin Warbeck says

    Different topic – the food. Wonder about those who were eating and those who clearly didn’t eat a thing or hardly a thing on their plate.

  21. FunMe says

    The awards show right on the beach south of the pier are one of the most fun I have attended to see stars. Most actors and movie folks came where the fans were and took photos and signed autographs. I was able to take lots of photos so close to many of the attendees before the show out in the sunny California skies next to the ocean. Much better than in Hollywood … smaller and more “VIP” for us spectators. :-)

  22. FunMe says

    PS They are all sitting and having a meal and drinks? WOW! Looks like the way it used to be when the Academy Awards started back in the late 1920s.

  23. Billy says

    All I’ll say is if your going to hit someone in a fit of anger, don’t be surprised if they come back at you with greater force.