1. JPatrick says

    They’re hiding his face because it furthers the sensationalism of the story and keeps him looking like a victim. Mac is right, we don’t have journalists anymore. We have carnival barkers.

  2. roy says

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  3. Josh says

    We are all missing the point here. The Hypocrisy and Lies from the Arizona Sheriffs is just outrageous! and I really do believe that the Sheriffs did threatened the boyfriend with deportation which makes it even worst. What a piece of scum this dude really is! Another Republican idiot caught with lies! SHOCKING

  4. sara says

    Let me get this straight, all you Babeu sympathizers–you want to investigate Jose for WHAT crime exactly. Babeu didn’t accuse Jose of anything except perhaps being a disgruntled Ex. Last I check that wasn’t a crime. It’s Jose who said he was threatened. Also On CNN Babeu’s lawyer said they always knew Jose was here legally. So what purpose does it serve to print Jose’s information? You want reporters to investigate the victim???

    Jose said he was intimidated & threatened by Babeu because Babeu had power as a sheriff. So now what, you published his info so you can have people harass & threaten a migrant worker???? Sick.

  5. irritated says

    Andy you’ve gotta get rid of spammers in the comments, it’s F&^%ing annoying. Register with Disqus or something. Anyhow, I’m with the folks who say blurring him out is sensationalistic BS. He’s done nothing wrong, he’s in the States on a legit visa, he should show himself. The sheriff boyfriend is a piece of work no doubt, but there’s no need for the cloak-and-dagger media bit.

  6. says

    “On CNN Babeu’s lawyer said they always knew Jose was here legally. So what purpose does it serve to print Jose’s information?”

    Because Republicans consider all Latinos to be illegal.

    That’s one of the many reasons why the [arty is going down in flames.

    Babeu was just on with Leslie Blitzer for what seemed like hours — yammering away.

    Leslie being a Republican doormat, never asked the creep a seriosu question. And never brought him to own up to the fact that his party HATES gay people.

  7. says

    I don’t want to comment on the visas regs.

    But for someone to put up Jose’s name and address shows a shocking disrespect……whatever the merits of his allegations. It is not up to you, Oliver, or anyone else, to publicise it…..even if it is available on “Public Access”.

    Who appointed you Vigilante In Chief ?

    For shame !

  8. sara says

    @Randy, I believe there’s such a thing as a 10 year multi entry visitors visa. I think there are two kinds of visitor’s permit. One is a BI which is a visitor for Business, a B2 is Visitor for pleasure.

  9. johnosahon says

    “There’s no such thing as a 10-year visitor’s visa, and you sure can’t do business on a visitor’s visa.

    Posted by: Randy | Feb 20, 2012 6:23:53 PM”

    Shut up, there are 10 years multiple entry visas, i have friends who have them.

  10. atomic says

    If Sheriff Babeau had not turned out to be some tall, hunky white man (albeit closeted), would some of you be so quick to defend him? If he had been some short old black man, I doubt any of you would give the matter a second thought.

    It just goes to show that gay men value looks above all else–they’ll even be willing to overlook self-loathing and pandering to anti-gay bigots, as long as you’ve got washboard abs and a hot piece of meat between your legs. And that’s precisely why we’re still struggling for our rights. Time and time again we are not so much hampered by what the straights do to us, but by the actions of our own self-hating gays who feel that they need to inflict as much damage on the GLBT cause in order to prove they are worthy of being “accepted” in the larger fabric of straight society. Whether we’re talking about hypocritical gay Republican public officers, or closeted male clergy, the frequency with which we find such individuals spouting hatred and discrimination while accepting backroom hookups is nothing less than shameful.

  11. JET says

    Here’s the deal, Babeu is an idiot regardless of whether there’s a Jose or not. After seeing what happened to Anthony Wiener and his ilk, anybody soliciting sex on a website when you’re in the public eye is asking to have that exposed to the world. Given the consequences that Wiener and others have faced, to be doing so running in an election is to be wasting your time. As a Republican, he’s working against his own self interest as a gay man, and as a race-baiting anti-immigrationist, he shouldn’t be dating the very ethnic group he’s trying to vilify. Jose is just as stupid dating this idiot. It just proves that self-esteem and intelligence are not qualities often found in the closet.

  12. says

    I’m not defending him or anyone I just think that if you are going to come out and make charges and you have nothing to hide or have done nothing wrong why hide? It does him no good and it makes the whole thing look fishy. After all they were just on and off why get lawyers involved

  13. says

    the “victim” of such an “Outing” has only himself to blame, Jeff.

    this aint no poor defenseless adolescent living under the roof of anti-gay hellfire bigots. this is a grown man with a badge and a gun who is living a pious, hypocritical and shameful life who deserved to get Outed like this.

    he wasnt’ a victim for being Outed, he’s been a willing victim for YEARS ALREADY by allowing the bigotry and prejudices of the people whose favor he seeks to trump any sense of dignity, pride, courage and integrity.

    i repeat: he wasn’t a victim for being Outed. He was a victim while he was Closted – with only himself to blame as he continues to support the very people whose bigoted beliefs kept him in there for 43 years in the first place.

    there are many people who struggle with coming out. may they all find their strength in their own time. but when you contribute negatively to culture, be it anti-gay or anti-BROWN, you are a part of the problem, not the solution.

    rather than worrying about being Outed, stop being a hypocritical coward in your own life. “gay” can’t be used against you when you embrace being gay, and you won’t embrace being gay as long as you’re desperate for the approval of people who will not embrace you because you’re gay.

  14. Roberto says

    My joselito is a poor little boy in love of a very smart old man. Jose is not thing but a fool dreamer trying to live the dream. Of course he is illegal in the USA. He has a tourist visa but no tourist can run a bussiness in the USA. Its like most taco places you go. They are illegaly there but they are deliciosos. just like my mexicano.

    thats what you get when you are 40 and date guys on their 20s… DRAMA.

  15. Rick says

    So poor little victim “Jose” is in the closet (ergo the blurring of the face and the disguising of the voice) and the supposedly self-hating Republican sherriff is out and not ashamed of his sexuality or discussing it openly on national television.

    Ah, the irony……

    Seems like our little “Jose” is not only a closet case, but a liar as well (about his immigration status)……and is really nothing but a little pu$$ who got his hopes all up about getting hammered by the big ol’ butch white sherriff and having had his hopes dashed, now lashes out–anonymously, of course–like a cowardly little girl.

    He is scared for his safety? Maybe he should be.

  16. RWG says

    The anti-immigrant (borderline racist, anti-Latino) comments here are really stunning. Not at all what I expect of the LGBT community. Is this Towleroad or WND?

  17. Paul R says

    There are multi-entry visas. But you cannot run a business on one. That’s the only possible angle that the sheriff had to deport him (and, apparently, his brother). Jose had to be pretty affluent and educated to get a long-term one. And a 10-year visa is hard to get unless you’re from a close ally of the US, and Mexico isn’t considered one because of the immigration and drug issues (an exception is the temporary NAFTA visa).

    You can do business on a visa (say, meetings), but that’s about it unless you’re from a country with whom the US has reciprocity agreements. Owning a business requires a green card and often more.

  18. Shannon says


  19. Oliver says

    You might want to learn a thing or two about the WWW before you start using it.
    If you read Andy’s original post it states “He also said he was running a business in Arizona called Website Results LLC”. When I put “Website Results LLC” into a Google search the information I posted (previously) was the first result that came up in that search. Anyone with half a brain (and a finger) could obtain that information. If you are so concerned with guarding Mr Orozco’s identity then your tirade should be directed at Towleroad and/or CNN.

  20. Name: says

    Jose is 34 and they’re hiding his face like he’s under 18. WTF. It’s an ex lover’s spat. They dated off and on, but it seems Jose wanted more. They’re both closet cases no more. The sheriff got mad that Jose was setting them up and Jose got mad cause Babeu didn’t want a monogamous relationship. The photo shows Babeu with his shirt off who cares. There’s no shot of him naked like Weiner, who by the way was married and pregnant. Let it go. There’s no R v D here. CNN is now covering a lover’s spat. Must be a slow weekend.

  21. D.R.H. says

    So I’m to believe that a non-American tourist can get a 10 year visa and be able to own and operate a business in the U.S.? Yeah… that makes perfect sense. I guess I should ask my immigration lawyer for my $30k back because clearly he was ignorant to immigration law by insisting that I needed an E-2 investor’s visa to operate a business in the US.

    And add to that, a mexican, with questionable papers, dating a closeted Republican sheriff whose election campaign is based upon the very premise of deporting illegal aliens is akin to a Jew dating a Nazi. They deserve each other and the sh*t storm that is erupting around them.

  22. Will G says

    Obviously they blurred his face only because Jose requested it as a condition of doing the interview, not because they wanted to “sensationalize” the story. The reporter explicitly says he’s “afraid to be identified” when introducing the interview, by way of explanation. This is standard practice in such circumstances, and I’d hardly get on CNN’s case for doing it.

  23. anon says

    The 10-year multi-entry visa is a formality which relies on the passport (valid for 10 years in the US) of the home country, basically so that you don’t have to constantly re-apply. However, you can’t stay for extended periods of time (I think it’s two or three months max and then you must leave and re-enter the country).

    It’s also quite possible he’s from Mexico but his passport is from another country where dual citizenship is allowed. This happens all the time in Europe.

    Either way, the Sheriff does not come off well. Either he’s not enforcing the law (at least federal law) or he’s abusing his power by making threats. The only way he gets out of it is if Jose is lying about the abuse and is legal.

  24. Hips and Lips says

    This is so delicious – it is a double edged sword. On one hand we have the Sheriff now known as the Arizona Gay Sheriff. Now there can be a sheriff in the YMCA crew instead of just a “walking the beat and directing traffic” police officer. That is good. Up a level… The people who already disliked the Sheriff, Republicans, and dislike gays are off and running their mouths. They are in hog heaven. However, now the gay community has a role model, an insider, a confidant, and a poster boy for the cause. And he seems to favor the Republican Party – nice. We have been longing to infiltrate at this high level, openly.

    The Democrats had the upper hand for too long with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Move over you old has been Queens there is a new sheriff in gay town. And he’s taking over “One City at a Time”. We are going to have the most smashing gay parade right down Central Avenue that will outshine any Las Posadas. And with Mexican theme…Piñatas for everyone – This is what we all have been waiting for….I cannot wait PERSONALLY… da dun dad a da; da dun dad a da; dun dadadadadada da dun da; bring me a Margarita, stat.

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