Hot Movie Moment Denied! No Songs at the 84th Oscars

The news is circulating that there won't be any song performances at the Oscars. One has to wonder why they even have this category any more when year after year they snub all the songs people like or at least the songs by famous artists people might enjoy seeing perform. This year alone they said "No!" to Madonna, P¡nk, Elton John, Mary J Blige and more. Last year they famously dissed Cher in Burlesque. Someone needs to slap the music branch.  "SNAP OUT OF IT."

Not only does this mean that the über cute Bret McKenzie (of Flight of the Conchords fame) won't be performing but this also means that the Academy has lost a golden opportunity for a great laugh on Oscar night. Think about it. The song is visual gag friendly. In the film version we see Walter, a muppet, suddenly picturing himself as Jim Parsons which got a big laugh in theaters and we see Jason Segel picture himself as a muppet. Think of the possibilities on Oscar night. A big production number with, say, faux mirrors could have given them the opportunity to present muppet versions of the exceedingly handsome Best Actor lineup. Imagine how fun / surprising that might have been.


Shouldn't they just cancel this category if they don't believe in it? (Best Song not Best Actor!)

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  1. says

    The Academy certainly went with much higher brow nominees this year which I think will lose them a large portion of their young audience. After doing better at being in touch with the public the past two years, these stiff nominees just fall flat. I usually have something in common with the choice but not this year- if the contenders seem stuffy to you, check out my own Top 10 Movie Picks of 2011 at where you won’t see a single of the Academy’s nominees for Best Picture but you will get some movie artwork I drew up as well as the reviews!

  2. Henry Holland says

    The Oscars are just sad across the board. The voting membership is old and very conservative (as in risk adverse), they prize “deep” and “serious” movies over movies in different genres that are clearly better, the awards show itself is boring and the only people that really care are the conglomerates that own the movie studios, who hope a win will boost box office.

    And the Grammy’s are even worse, I haven’t paid attention to them since REM lost to Natalie Cole’s bit of musical necrophilia in 1992. The totally non-metal Jethro Tull winning for best metal performance anyone?

  3. Randy says

    Do the Oscars really matter that much anymore. Isn’t it time to be over them. All it is self adgulation. And it seems that the same people win all the awards, no matter what honor it is. Rather it be the Golden Globes, SAG, or the Oscars. It’s all the same. I don’t even watch anymore. I just wait for the list the next day and I know just as much as the people that watched. I have much more important things to worry about.

  4. Alex says

    Hi, I am 26 and prefer when the Academy nominates deep, substantive films over snuff that are more popular with general masses. I don’t see the problem with rewarding “high brow” fare. For whatever reason, I enjoy the academy awards when they are a little more elitist. To hell with big ratings, nominate the good work.

    PS- Fassbender’s snub is still chapping my ass.

  5. says

    Alex — the problem is the “high brow” is often faux high-brow and much worse than the competition, including films that scored highly with mass audiences.

    Just look at this year’s best pic noms. Why that crappy and sappy Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks movie — that got less than 50% on the Tomato meter — over a popular, fun, sad… and GOOD 50/50? Or the exceptionally well done Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? It’s insanity.

    They often go with really crappy “high brow” films that aren’t even well respected in “high brow” scenes. Face it: the winners and picks that we’ve been seeing that are masked in high brow over the past few years have more to do with the politics behind the scenes than they do the quality of the films.

  6. Gregoire says

    There should have been five song nominees — two from the Muppets, the Mary J Blige song from The Help, the Kavinsky song from Drive, and one song from an animated film, but at least one that people can hum (sure, let’s make it the Elton song). That would have an interesting category.

    But no.

  7. Alex says

    I am not necessarily disagreeing with you, Ryan, I am just saying the Academy should be in the business of rewarding the good work– whatever it might actually be– even if it is more high brow. I am totally annoyed by some of the nominations this year (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close getting a Best Picture nomination is just plain stupid) and films like 50/50, Shame, and hey, even the last Harry Potter Film were far better in my opinion.

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