1. bandanajack says

    spandy andy gained his somewhat dubious fame by repeatedly auditioning for so you think you can dance in increasingly more inappropriate outfits.

    i am surprised in several ways, the first being what the hell is he doing in australia? beyond that both his body and his dancing have actually improved, a long way from his first couple of appearances.

  2. Ryan says

    I don’t know… I think it’s somewhat funny at parts, but really, really, REALLY creepy at others.

    I can’t get down on “let’s accost strangers laying down on the beach.” I guess I don’t have as much of a problem with some of the other accosting he did with members of the crowd… at least they were a part of the crowd and must have had some kind of inclination about what to expect.

    But, yeah… I find what he does to be a bit creepy.

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