Student Allegedly Attacked For Pro-Marriage Equality Editorial In College Newspaper


Destinie Mogg-Barkalow is a student at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts, roughly midway between Boston and Providence. She contributes regularly to BSU's campus newspaper, The Comment, which on Wednesday published a brief screed of Destinie's celebrating the demise of Prop 8 in California. In response, it seems, two Comment readers attacked Destinie in a parking lot on Thursday night.

According to The Comment's coverage:

Destinie Mogg-Barkalow told police she was walking in the Chapel Lot at approximately 6 p.m. Thursday when she was approached by a tall male and a red-headed female. Mogg-Barkalow, who writes regularly for the paper and is the editorial page assistant editor, was wearing a Comment sweatshirt. The couple, who were presumably students, asked if she had written the article advocating gay marriage that appeared in this week's paper.

When Mogg-Barkalow, who is gay, confirmed that she was the author, the female punched her. Mogg-Barkalow told police her assailants headed in the direction of East Campus after they hit her, while she went to the Comment offices where other staff members were meeting.

Once Destinie related her story to a very shaken editorial staff, one of her colleagues called the police. A couple matching Destinie's description was soon apprehended in the vicinity of the attack, but Destinie insisted they weren't her assailants. Police went to work on a composite sketch of the alleged perps, which they so far have declined to release.

A BSU student who's also part of Occupy Boston has planned a rally for Destinie and her supporters for this Tuesday. "This kind of hate crime will not be accepted by Bridgewater State University students, or by the 99% as a whole," she wrote, which I hope doesn't mean that the beating of writers is objectionable only when it seems likely to elicit the anger of an unspecified 99% of the public. 1% ought to do it, or even no % at all.


  1. Bob says

    What surprises me is that folk with that bigoted mentality could have read the article in the first place. Note to all, if someone comes up to you dragging his or her knuckles, just run.

  2. JPatrick says

    How charming that the Occupy crowd (people are still doing that?) would latch onto a totally-unrelated incident in order to reignite some publicity for themselves. What does a bias crime against a lesbian activist have to do with Occupy Boston or the “99%/1%” movement? Nothing…but to angry college liberals, with more outrage than common sense, a victim is a victim. A cause is a cause.

  3. scollingsworth says

    Someone should tell the two idiots that attacked her that they lost the battle against Marriage Equality in Massachusetts already… um… like 8 years ago.

  4. pgbach says

    Maggie Gallagher & her NOM crowd will be defending these neanderthals by morning… the reality, marriage equality is here to stay & Christianist nutcases can do nothing about it…. they should consider feeding & clothing the poor as Jesus commands….

  5. mld says

    what is sad is the number of victim blashing ‘made-up’ and ‘fake’ comments, both here and other sites. at least the ones here are from the usual forum trolls.

    this is equally a hate crime and an attack on freedom of speech.

    lastly, this occupy protest is one of many student groups that has agreed to come out united in protest. its not surprising that the politically active students would be the ones organizing the events. but again, the bottom feeders like Jpatrick are so full of hate and misery that everything to them looks like a dead horse to kick.

  6. j says

    As someone who currently go to this school, BSU,and lives right off campus, The word being told through “unoffical” sources is that she made it up. She reported two people, 1 male and 1 female, and when officers picked up a matching couple down to the cloths, she said it was not them. And the location where this “attack” happened is fully lighted and also includes whole construction crews working to modify one of the buildings

  7. ratbastard says

    Another of a long line of bs made up ‘hate’ crimes. Hate cimes against all kinds of people and for all kinds of reasons do happen, when people like this chick make stuff up, she adds to the boy who cried wolf syndrome.

  8. S says

    Bridgewater State goes out of its way to educate and support diversity and acceptance, especially of the GLBT community. Education on GLBT awareness is a portion of every new students orientation program when coming to BSU. As an openly gay BSU student leader, I feel skeptical of the legitimacy of this story, as well as Occupy Boston’s supporting of this march.

  9. Mike says

    Oh, of course she got attacked by backward stupid Southerners…..No, wait. This happened in Massachusetts. Hmm… If this had happened in the Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, etc., there would be all sorts of assumptions about how this only happens in the South. Wake up everyone, this sort of thing happens everywhere.

  10. ratbastard says

    I’m in Boston and have observed [not by choice] up close Occupy Boston. My observations:

    They accomplish[ed] nothing tangible or useful

    They cost the city a small fortune, and made a lot of cops happy campers with the O.T.

    They were as far as I could see seriously infiltrated by skells and other low life.

    The tourist got a big kick out of their demos, locals were and are annoyed by them, like they are of all demos.

    The hotshot suits were not affected by them in the slightest. Poor and working class people like office cleaners, couriers lives were made more difficult. Yes, ironic.

    And I agree with the whole Wall St and big business are shifty scum, yet even I dislike the occupy movement.

  11. JPatrick says

    Occupy Boston has nothing tangible to gain from joining this controversy. Their stated goals are economic equality, not LGBT rights. The first rule of successful political activism is to manage one’s exposure. Overextend yourselves, or latch onto unrelated causes, and you risk losing your identity.

    I’m a gay-rights activist, and the last thing I or my local activists would support is the co-opting of our cause by the dried-up and hilariously pointless Occupy movement. LGBT rights are a serious cause, and we are serious fighters. For these unwashed, vandalizing punks to come along and inch into our issues is an insult to the battles we’ve been waging for decades.

    Big business is scum, but the Occupy kids are useless. They’re no different than the anti-war groups in the Sixties. They’re all white college kids who seem to have ample free time (and bail money from parents) to devote to their little cause. If they really cared about our economic health, they’d be producing something by working and/or earning a degree useful to our economy. Instead they just chant, trash parks and deal drugs. Nice kids.

  12. Perkin Warbeck says

    @karl – our Prime Minister is a red-haired female, and at least half the country is sh*t scared of her!

    @jpatrick – “…he Occupy kids are useless. They’re no different than the anti-war groups in the Sixties…” yep and those anti-war groups did nothing, eh? You are still fighting in Vietnam, aren’t you? (Parallels with Afghanistan, not withstanding…)
    “If they really cared about our economic health, they’d be producing something by working and/or earning a degree useful to our economy.” – yep, and join that massive, bloated corporate greed machine that has caused the problems in the first place. Nice work, jpat, I’m sure Mitt Romney is sending his first $10,000 cheque your way soon-ish.

  13. JPatrick says

    That bloated corporate greed machine is what makes our economy (and life as we know it) possible. Like it or not, the Western world depends on the contributions of major corporations. Reforms are needed, sure, but the idea that corporations and rich people are the ruin of society is ludicrous at best. And I must take issue with your concept of corporate greed. Greed is an emotion, and corporations don’t have those. A corporation is a piece of paper, legally speaking. Human beings are greedy, selfish and opportunistic. But can you blame them? Competitiveness and self-interest are in our nature.

    Yes, the corporate culture encourages excess, but it also encourages and rewards hard work and innovation. Inside every office tower that the Occupy kids target are hundreds of lowly workers who put their nose to the grindstone every day. They are the real corporate culture, and you disrespect their hard work when you call them all selfish pigs.

    You see, every human subculture has good and bad. The Occupy crowd is not without sin. Most of the ones I’ve met go to expensive and highly-competitive colleges that their corporate-employed parents pay for. Isn’t that hypocrisy? Many of them also wear Nike shoes, use Apple computers and drive Toyota hybrids. If you ask an Occupy kid why they go to Princeton and not Penn State, they’ll tell you that Princeton grads earn more respect and money in the long run. They know what competition is and their hands are just as dirty as the big banks. The only difference is that banks don’t trash parks or throw bricks when they feel like the downtrodden.

    Get some perspective, please. You’re not downtrodden, you’re not victims and you’re not really suffering any injustice. Just because they’re rich and you’re poor doesn’t mean they’re evil. It doesn’t mean they owe you a living. Nobody owes you anything.

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