1. Andreas says

    @Why? Because clearly “Badass Abraham Lincoln”, “Puppy Rescue”, and Fauxdele’s Newt Gingrich song are quintessentially gay? Read the line under the title of this blog.

    I am so excited about “Hunger Games”! God this better be a massive hit.

  2. michael says

    Andy, there are times when I just cannot stand “my own kind” with the comment section of your blog. Some of these gay guys are just as hateful as the Republican/reactionary/conservative wonkballs you see on the CNN/NYT/CNBC pages that rant and complain needlessly just so that they can hear themselves roar their pitifully negative roars. I know there’s the First Amendment that protects their right to say whatever they want, but hey: just shut the F up sometimes, eh?’re really going to waste good comment space attacking Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars because they collaborated on the theme song to The Hunger Games? Get a grip, you bunch of morons.

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