Gay Republicans Sign on to Boehner Fundraiser

The Huffington Post's Amanda Terkel reports on gay involvement in a fundraiser headlined by Dick Cheney to reelect House Speaker John Boehner:

BoehnerWhile much of the personality of the House Republican caucus has been dominated by freshmen members who identify with the Tea Party, this fundraiser underscores Boehner's ties and support from the GOP establishment.

While Boehner and Cheney undoubtedly agree on many, if not most, policy issues, one major area of disagreement is on same-sex marriage. Cheney has been outspoken about his support for marriage equality and was reportedly involved in a lobby effort on the issue in Maryland. Several other individuals on the invitation list — including former Republican National Committee chair Ken Mehlman, former deputy press secretary Tony Fratto and Log Cabin Republicans executive director R. Clarke Cooper — also back marriage equality. None of them returned a request for comment.

Boehner, on the other hand, has led the effort to uphold the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which bans same-sex marriage at the federal level.

Writes Terkel: "The event is benefiting the 'Boehner for Speaker' effort, which is a joint fundraising committee composed of his reelection campaign, his political action committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee and the Ohio Republican Party."

View the invite here.


  1. daftpunkydavid says

    clearly, these people are not gonna become democrats over gay civil rights issues. sooo…. better have them on the inside, in the backroom, pulling whatever influence they may have, rather than standing on the sidelines, and having no influence whatsoever.

  2. HadenoughBS says

    Gay + GOPer = no influence whatsoever with the Rethuggies. This is pure idiocy running rampant through the political landscape. I mean, c’mon, faggots, supporting a fund raiser for the man who oversees the funding of the GOPers defense of DOMA? What in the Hell is wrong with you??

  3. Doug says

    “better have them on the inside, in the backroom, pulling whatever influence they may have, rather than standing on the sidelines, and having no influence whatsoever.

    Yeah, preparing to be involved in the next gay sex scandal.

  4. Bri says

    It’s true that the Republican Party is no ally to the cause of gay rights. A large segment of Republicans are bigots. But Kudos to the Log Cabin Republicans for pushing for change in the Republican Party. These true activists should be lauded, and not ridiculed by our Community. If it weren’t for a few Republican representatives, gay marriage would not have passed in New York. I’m not a Republican, and I’m not a Democrat. I’m proud to be registered Independent!

  5. GeorgeM says

    It’s all part of the game
    I do have a little respect for the LCR, at least they talk about being gay. Kens a d-ck.
    Enjoy the party girls

    Why is he so orange… I think he tans to much, he may want to watch that

  6. say what says



    BDSM people whether gay or straight tend to be overwhelmingly progressive libs

    The majority of gay repubs are repubs due to racism and are more than wiling to sell themselves out as long as non anglo saxon protestants are trashed by repubs

  7. Bri says


    Embarrassed for my Republican leanings? You do have a point. I do tend to lean towards fiscal conservatism, and little government involvement in our lives. I tend to keep quiet about this with my friends. I’ve been flirting with Libertarian, but do support a strong National defense, and I tend to care about human rights in the World. In the meantime, I’ll vote mostly Blue Dog Democrat, but for an occasional Republican. (Huntsman was the only Republican I’d have chosen over President Obama.) I am proud to independently vote with my conscience, and not blindly follow one political party.

  8. TJ says

    BRI – would that it were true that these suck-ups were there to fight the good fight. But they are there for money first and dignity second. Or third. Gay rights will always pay second fiddle. Which is why these suck-ups will always suck.

  9. says

    Of course there will always people who only care about themselves, and their stinking tax cuts.
    But we should be proud that the vast majority of our community support equal rights, for ourselves, the poor, and other oppressed groups.

  10. westcoast88 says

    For the sake of the country, and in an attempt to get congress working again, we need to see Boehner defeated in his own district. He has presided over the most obstructionist, do-nothing Congress in decades. He must go!

  11. says

    actually CYD, you’re missing a very important distinction:

    you can google as hard as your little fingers will let you, but you will not find any anti-gay prejudical bigoted quotes from President Obama.

    Boehner? oh yeah.

    so, no, you’re wrong. their positions are not the same. it’s a distinction that seems to be lost on some people….

  12. ggreen says

    @BRI “I’m not a Republican, and I’m not a Democrat. I’m proud to be registered Independent!”

    National Fruit Election results:
    Republicans vote for Apples 6,594 votes
    Democrats vote for Oranges 7,877 votes
    Independents vote for Spaghetti 611 votes
    Those Indies sure stick it to the man in every election.

  13. jama49 says

    Gay Republicon = Privileged White Man no matter how you slice it. Typical of LCR and GProudGirls. Support the very people who want to toss you into the concentration camps. Well, at least they can trade tanning tips with the whiny Boehner.

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