1. Andrew says

    The ‘why’ seems pretty straightforward: they feel important and powerful. Some of them just need to get something off their chests, others are looking for attention and fights. Either way, best to completely ignore them (that is, if they cannot be banned and/or prosecuted under applicable policies, regulations and laws).

  2. Gregv says

    I’m not sure that it accomplished anything. The reporter seemed to want to embarrass him, but telling him his posts are racist is probably like telling him he has brown hair. He shrugs off the prospect of a few weeks in jail as if he’s been there before and wouldn’t mind going back.

  3. says

    This reporter is amazing. The troll does his work alone, hidden in his den. But the reporter roots him out and exposes him to the world. This troll would never say these things in public. He is cowardly. He is outspoken only when unseen. Society will reject him now that his identity has been revealed. I wonder if his wife and baby know this part of him. Openness and truth always win out. Thank you compassionate BBC reporter!

  4. NVTodd says

    What a waste of time and effort.

    This is journalism ?

    When you’ve all managed to fall into place by consenting to making offensive expression illegal, what kind of “progress” do you think you’ll have achieved by merely sweeping how people feel and what they think under the rug ? What is it that you believe you’ll have accomplished ?

    Just keep your whining to yourselves when something YOU say, write or do is deemed offensive and illegal.

    This guy isn’t cowardly, he says what he believes. Pretending he’s too afraid to say it in public is pure delusion.

  5. says

    ten bucks says you’re not brave enough to put a face and name to your comments, NVTODD.

    you could, you know, provide a link or URL to your web/video page wherein you assume some sort of culpability for what you say and do, instead of hoping to be a prick Anonymously – treating the internet like a Burqa.

    he is too afraid to say it in public. he got busted and tried to look tough, but anyone who knows anything about human nature just saw a schoolyard bully puff up his chest whilst his testicles ran screaming back inside his body.

  6. ratbastard says

    NEWSFLASH: Trolling and being racist is not a crime. At least not in the U.S.

    In the UK i don’t know, maybe he could be criminally charged with a ‘hate’ crime, which is ridiculous.

    Part of being an adult is understanding there are people who troll and hate [all kinds of hate]. There are people who hate blacks, Asians, whites, hate men, hate women, hate children, hate straights, hate gays, and it’s their right.

  7. James says

    Troll or not, he should have punched out the reporter, smashed the camera, and begun proceedings to sue the BBC for gross invasion of privacy. Absolutely utterly disgraceful.

  8. NVTodd says

    “LITTLE KIWI”, you’ve just proven my point by deeming my comments as being some sort of justification for you to invade my privacy, based simply on you disagreeing with me.

    It’s interesting to not that I intended nor expressed any kind of threat, yet you seem to be all about threats and intimidation.

    Very revealing of the sort of mindset that would justify this type of shoddy “journalism”, as well as the kind of attitude that invites the government to rule supreme over people expressing unpopular opinions.

    P.S. What exactly is it you need a pic of me for ? Just because you are an exhibitionist doesn’t mean everyone else has to be, just to express and opinion.

    Have a little self respect.

  9. Jamess says

    NVTODD: the facebooked & tweeting generation aren’t remotedly interested in defending free speech. Only approved speech. Sharing the intellect of the mob, they prefer the rule of the mob.

    They like to consider themselves individuals, but at every testing point they show their belief that individualism is wrongthink.

  10. NVTodd says

    I don’t think he’s THAT young (look at his pics, he’s at least 40), so I’m reluctant to blame a particular generation for the herd mentality and the inherent hypocrisy in using the government to be your personal bully to silence people that say “offensive” things. That cuts across generations.

    He’s just another tattooed mess on the net with a blog.

    “Let me see your face so I can jerk off to ho hot you are” is all he’s REALLY saying.

    So transparent.

  11. pitluver says

    it’s so sad how so much hate can consume a person’s life. it’s such a waste of energy to hate so much. words hurt. all the trolls of the internet need to see this video. unfortunately, they probably won’t be affected at all because they are blinded by their unnecessary rage.

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