1. Alex says

    I write this at the risk of being called an old fat troll, even though I never write troll-ish comments and am only 26, but this song and this dude are just plain embarrassing. I am not sure if it is the implied narcissism of taking your shirt off to perform a song with no real reason whatsoever other than to use your body as a selling point. Then playing the faux sweet guy, bashful persona, is just plain insulting to my intelligence. The song itself is sort of simple and his voice is mediocre at best. It’s almost as if he knows he lacks any extraordinary talent, so he’s gotta resort to flashing the bod. Which is great by the way. DUDE, YOU HAVE A GREAT BOD. I don’t know. I’m irked.

  2. tim says

    @Alex, thank you…I concur he was bland at best. Usually I have netiquette enough not to post negative comments but he put himself up for critique… the implied narcissism was indeed irksome. AND OMG THE “I’M KINDA BASHFUL and awkward” ending was cringe worthy.

  3. K says

    Andy, did you know that you, Ben and I all attended the same alma mater? Although Andy was there quite a few years before we were… amazing what a small world it is!