Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1065

KISS IT FORWARD: A PSA from Marriage Equality USA and Revenge Is that celebrates all love being equal.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: A recent rally by anti-gay Christianist opponents of marriage equality got an earful from a rightfully furious angry lesbian. You go girl.

HOMOSEXUALIZED: NOM rabbi Yehuda Levin lashes out at Bill O'Reilly for defending Ellen DeGeneres against One Million Moms.

ROMANIA: Threading the needle.

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  1. jason says

    That PSA from Marriage Equality USA is misleading. It seems to have been constructed by people who don’t understand our sexuality. The depiction of lesbians is appalling. None of the lesbians I know look like the ones in that PSA.

    Why aren’t there any butch lesbians in the ad? Marriage Equality USA seems to be afraid of showing butch lesbians. Just remember that it’s the butch lesbians who fight for our rights more than the lipstick lesbians.

    Keep the lipstick lesbians out of this ad. Marriage Equality USA needs to be more respectful of the fact that butch lesbians are out there. Stop avoiding them.

  2. jim says

    Jason, do you have statistics, from a credible study, to back up your claim that butch lesbians fight for our rights more than lipstick lesbians? Honest to GOD…I suppose it’s all personal visual preference, I’ve got both butch and femme dyke friends, but when you’re putting together a marketing piece, your target demographic, your intended audience, is normally who you try to appeal to. And femme dykes are much less threatening to most Americans.

    On another note, why are the Faces of NOM, as a group, all so creepy and scary-looking? Rabbi Levin looks like something out of a nightmare. Almost scared me str8.

  3. says

    Seriously ?

    Another Governor going to veto another passed piece of legislation ?

    Now tell me about 1776 again.

    Yeah, you’re right; I just don’t understand your system !!!!!!

  4. says

    The New Hampshire hate monger speaking at the podium at 1.20 actually said “I think it’s time to go back.” Wow. Nobody could have summed up the anti-gay movement better. Regress, not progress.

  5. stevenelliot says

    I wont even watch that rabbi. He scares me!…..and I know I could look it up somewhere in cyberspace, but I ask myself how if one is an orthodox jewish rabbi, with all of your traditions dating 6ooo years intact, is it appropriate to wear an outfit concockted in the jewish ghettos of eastern europe in 1890?? Whats so traditional about that? where r your robes if youre so traditional.

  6. Max says

    What’s a rabbi doing in a Christian organization? Doesn’t sound very “rabbi” to me. Judaism, on the whole, is way ahead of every other religion on the LGBT thing. This guy is a statistically insignificant fraud.

    Jack, we don’t have a system. We have a mess.