Ugandan President Museveni Warns of ‘Promotion of Homosexuality’ from Western Countries


Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni spoke to the BBC about homosexuality on an episode of Hard Talk aired Thursday:

The president told BBC's Hard Talk programme that he did not consider homosexuality to be normal, but that it may be tolerated if it was kept behind closed doors.

“Homosexuals – in small numbers – have existed in our part of black Africa,” he explained in the interview, to be aired in full on Thursday.

“They were never prosecuted, they were never discriminated, but the difference between us and… Western Europe is the promotion of homosexuality, as if it is something good.”

Watch the interview HERE.


  1. says

    Homosexuals have been reviled, stigmatized and marginalized for centuries. In the modern world equality for all people gaining awareness and acceptance. President Yoweri Museveni is naïve in thinking that demanding our Gay rights of equality as follow human being on this planet, is equivalent to the promotion of homosexuality. Is he afraid, Gay is a fad, everyone in Uganda will want become Gay, or is it the promotion of “bigotry against homosexuals” that he expects to profit from with the help of Scott Lively, the king of homophobia and the hate for profit industry.

  2. Gregv says

    How can he say that gay peole were “in small numbers” if it was all secretly “behind closed doors?”. That would mean that he couldn’t make any estimate of true numbers one way or another.
    Just like estimating the true percentage of left-handed people, no one could have conceivably known how many there truly are until they felt safe and free to live honestly and openly without discrimination.
    It is backward and bigoted attitudes like his (reflected in far more than just attitudes toward homosexuality) that have made Uganda a dangerous and miserable place for many decades. I know several families whose only hope for safety was to escape from Uganda.

  3. says

    ANY and ALL funding for Uganda coming from ALL countries, especially the U.S.A., should be stopped immediately. Scream at your Congresspeople and Representatives. You want to kill gay people? You won’t be doing it with our money.

  4. Rin says

    One small word….has anyone looked at China’s record on gay rights/human rights?

    How about Saudi Arabia? Kuwait? Dubai?

    I am with you with boycotting Uganda, but only if we boycott those nations, as well. It is wrong, flat wrong, to single out poor nations whom we feel we can control to boycott when the poor who have no say in the government will feel the pinch and then give free passes to nations who “have no gays” (much less a small closeted minority) because they stone the gays to death just because they have oil or can make sneakers for 20 cents an hour.

    Also, we live in a society where sexuality IS thrust onto the main stage. There are billboards all across the country promoting gentlemen’s clubs. Our pop tarts walk around in their underpants and high heels. I’ve yet to see how this is a good thing, so I can see why people are afraid that if they relax a little they will end up like the US.

    And I DO think heterosexual sexualization is far, far more prominent and a problem in this country. You need only walk into any children’s store to see that they have sexy looking bikinis for 8 year olds. Its ridiculous. I’m getting pretty disgusted with the US myself.

    What most of the repuglicans don’t like to say is that it isn’t gays and lesbians who are promoting this. It’s Walt Disney with their Hanna Montanas and Wizards of Waverly and they screwed LaLohan’s life up, too…Britney…whatever.

    Sorry grouchy today.

  5. antb says

    Uganda particularly has shown itself to be a barbaric society re: homosexuality. They have been helped in their barbarism by the Christianists from The Family and other fundamentalist groups who hope to achieve in Africa what they can’t in America – a return to a good old-fashioned “Death To Queers” approach. But the Christianis haters couldn’t do it without the support of Ugandans in the government. Stop all official US aid and support to hater nations like Uganda, and let The Family and their kind pick up the slack that their meddling produced.

  6. Rick says

    Honestly, he has a small point. The rainbow-flag-waving, glitter-bombing, pink-boa-wearing, often extremely effeminate types have antagonized so many people who otherwise would at worst be apathetic when it comes to homosexuality….and who probably rarely ever treated anyone who was gay with any real viciousness.

    Their behavior has as much to do with the stagnation of our movement and the stirring of strong opposition to it as anything else does.

  7. says

    I don’t know how many of your listen on a regular basis to BBC, but there was an interesting point of how often homophobia in other nations is a legacy of British Colonialism. If the British had been more evolved when they were an actual empire, we might be looking at a very different reality.

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