1. uffda says

    This guy has so consistently been such a Frankensnot that I wouldn’t give him the time of day, let alone my time itself. Yuk.

  2. michael says

    I seriously cannot tell if he is a glimpse of what we will see from gay bloggers/comedians in the future when we are able to flaunt stereotypes and self-righteousness, or if he’s just a attention-seeking jack off who enjoys sticking it to The Man in all of us.

  3. Rafael says

    @Michael – lets hope for your first scenario – when gay men don’t have to be flaming homosexuals or sound like dumb bimbos to get airtime (hint: Ross Mathews). As a 24yo gay men, I love the idea of Louis increasing fame, and cant wait for the day he gets Mathews job at NBC/Jay Leno!

  4. says

    LMAO at Louis Virtel. Sure he’s a bit too much the stereotypical bitchy queen, but it’s totally appropriate for what he doe – and doesn’t mean he’s not hilarious. I’d like to see him get a big TV break.

  5. DaveATX says

    “Extremely poz and incredibly legions”?? Really? AIDS jokes? Can someone please explain to me why Towleroad is promoting this nasty little prat?

  6. Alex says

    I…don’t get it. I’m gay and I don’t get it. Are gay people supposed to be this obsessed with famous people?

  7. MadM@ says

    He is extremely sharp and I find him very funny. He is just doing what he loves and should be doing and I think that shines through. I choose not to let the negativity of “is he too stereotypical? What will all the jesus people think!?!” get in the way of it. He never named himself ambassador to heterosexual america, don’t hate.

  8. KMart says

    Louis is extremely sharp and talented. For Verbal Vogueing, does he play into the pop-culture-obsessed stereotype of gay men? And is he a bit crass at times? Sure. But he is damn hilarious and is simply doing what he loves, which is making people laugh. Would anyone really follow a pop-culture video blog of a mild-mannered, unanimated individual?

    “Dress You Up in Mall Clothes” is by far his best Verbal Vogueing post:

    Props, Louis. Keep it up.