1. Robert in NYC says

    And of course, the haters will get the requisite signatures even if it means falsifying them. Makes you wonder why we have legislatures if laws passed can suddenly be taken away by mob rule, a violation of the 14th amendment. If that happens, I suspect Washington State will be headed the same way as California. The 9th circuit will probably do what it did with Prop. 8.

  2. Chris in SF says

    The president should really comment on the recent passage of marriage equality in Washington. His silence sends a message that he opposes this…..and that encourages haters to sign petitions putting our rights on the ballot again.

  3. Caliban says

    June 7? Is there some reason why there HAS to be such a long time before it takes effect? If I were Gregoire and it were possible I’d set it up so marriages could start in a MONTH if not less. That way you have a bunch of officially recognized same-sex marriages on record and, given the recent 9th Circuit court ruling which had to do with rights TAKEN AWAY, you’d have clear evidence of that in Washington state.

    The Religious Right wants to shove their religious beliefs down our throats so in cases like this why not do the same with a legislative victory?

  4. says

    Let freedom ring!

    I have to admit I am feeling Victorious.

    Always on my mind are those in Russia and Africa who have so far to go. Every day they face a hostile place and this week more supremacy laws in Mother Russia.

    We will live, and speak up for them, but live well in the warm embraced of freedom and the promise of equality.

    Here in the USA we have come so far. Many of us have spilled blood in this struggle.

    The final decision may be in the hands of Obama’s next Supreme Court appointee.

    Let’s all keep this is mind as we move, carefully, forward.

    The beauty of our democracy is that we, in a historic opportunity in our hands that can help all GLTB all over the world. A long hard war with one more big legal battle.

    I will take a moment and enjoy the taste of equality.

  5. Just_a_guy says

    I’m with Caliban. This WA marriage equality thing, as implemented, is no victory, but just a WA Dems public relations stunt.

    If anyone in WA really thought this bill was truly designed to bring marriage equality to WA, boy did they f*** up.

  6. says

    “The president should really comment on the recent passage of marriage equality in Washington.”

    I know you love to gratuitously bash Obama, Chris, but this really isn’t about him. Presidents rarely comment on state legislation. It’s seen as meddling in state politics, and the electorate tends not to appreciate that. He has spoken out against state efforts to strip away equality. Why would people assume he opposes Democratic leadership in a state like Washington? Makes zero sense.

    Unlike all the Republican presidential candidates, who have taken to meddling in state politics, where marriage equality is concerned anyway, encouraged ballot initiatives and encouraging states to strip away equality, nullifying legal marriages. Their lack of silence–and utter hypocrisy on states’ rights–is more telling than anything the President is or isn’t saying.

    As for Washington and the great Gov. Gregoire–congratulations! Obviously the fight is not over as the opponents will be zealously gathering signatures before the June 6 deadline, but we can focus on this legislative victory today.

  7. says

    Perhaps WA people can enlighten us on the June 7 date, but I assume that Gregoire does not have personal control of the referendum process or when laws go into effect? The time to gather signatures is more likely imposed on her.

    Furthermore, anyone who doubts her commitment to actually achieving marriage equality–and the commitment of the majority Democrats and few wonderful Repub’s like Maureen Walsh–hasn’t been paying attention. Their sincerity is obvious. Who would it be a public relations stunt for? The minimal gay voting block? Come on. A governor and legislative leaders don’t go out on a limb to purposely create failure. If this is defeated in the referendum process they can’t control it will still be their failure. Why would they want that? Think, people, before you speak. Sometimes supporters in government actually try to do the right thing because it’s right. It happened in my state, no reason to think it can’t in others.

  8. says

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