Watch LIVE: Governor Chris Gregoire Signs Marriage Equality into Law in Washington State


Check in on all the action here. Try here if that's busy.

The ceremony has ended. The bill is now law.

I will have archive video up later when available.


  1. MikeH says

    Excellent… too bad it only takes 120000 signatures from these nutjobs to delay implementation until after the November election. They’ll prolly circulate the petitions during their weekly hate filled sermons. I really wish we could get their tax exempt status revoked. This is ridiculous that my tax dollars are subsidizing this crap.

  2. Granthor says

    MIKEH, in 2009 Washingtonians rejected a referendum that would have destroyed the domestic partnership law. My hope is that a) they don’t get enough signatures, but if they do, b) the people of Washington will set them straight-no pun-again.

  3. Robert in NYC says

    And what’s to stop them from falsifying signatures if they fall short of the requisite number? How are these signatures verified I wonder? If they can’t, then they shouldn’t be allowed or the names and addresses of the signers should be published. Call their bluff.

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