1. nick says

    Great show last night –
    and this at the end was superb.

    Why no respect for the way Mitten’s father-in-law lived his life by the compassionate Christians (or in this case-cult-Mormons)? Shocked-I tell you shocked- I am that they don’t practice what they preach

  2. Randy says

    Perhaps this could become a regular part of the show. But expand the scope to all dead people. Someone like Brigham Young, or (dare I dream) Jesus, might be a good start.

  3. ShawntheSheep says


    Unfortunate wording? Why? If I ask my family to pour my ashes into the Pacific Ocean after I die, the act would be performed posthumously and with my consent.

  4. Bri says

    Why should we even care about Mormon baptism for dead people? The people are dead, they don’t know. It’s the Mormon church’s political involvement to deny the right to marriage for gays and lesbians that should be the topic for derision. Making fun of people and their religious beliefs is just another form of bigotry. Let’s not be bigots.

  5. Albert says

    @Bri: One of the reasons this bizarre practice came to the general public’s notice was the revelation that certain Mormons took upon themselves to baptize Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Definitely posthumously and without their consent! So the ridicule is not misplaced.

  6. Kevin Thor says

    I wish some rich brave sould would go to court and have all of these so called religions including The Catolics declared hate groups, remove their non profit status and instruct folks that laws cannot b based on fictional beings.

  7. Gary Brubaker says is a Mormon genealogy that takes the deceased ancestors and posthumously baptises your ancestors. There is nothing different here.

  8. says

    You’ll all be happy to know that I was up alllllll niiiiight doing something similar – I was un-Baptizing every dead Mormon that ever once walked this earth, and converted them to Orthodox Judaism.

    so now there are no Mormons in the afterlife – just lots of very-Aryan looking Jews. I repeat – i had them all spiritually converted to Orthodox Judaism. It was a simple procedure, really.

  9. Caliban says

    While I don’t believe the dead are affected in any way, this practice is both arrogant and disrespectful to their memory. That’s particularly true in the case of the case of Romney’s father-in-law who had AMPLE opportunity to covert to Mormonism had he wished, since he WAS exposed to their “teachings” during his life. That’s also true of anyone else but especially Jews who died in concentration camps BECAUSE of their faith.

    So tell me, Bri, have the Mormons been fair, respectful or truthful regarding gays in their various campaigns against gay rights across the country? When they went door-to-door with their petitions were all their statements “fair”? Were their robo-calls to support Prop 8 balanced or did they spread misinformation and fear?

    Given that several of the Board Of Directors of NOM have held high positions in the LDS hierarchy there’s every reason to believe that the Mormon Church, directly or through proxies, is one of the 10 (TEN) donors who supply over 90% of NOM’s operating budget. Have NOM’s statements about marriage equality, about gay people themselves, been fair and nuanced or appeals to bigotry?

    I think we all know the answers to those questions. Well now it’s the Mormons who are asking for sympathy and understanding so Willard “Mitt” Romney can become President, and in part so they can further their homophobic agenda. Well isn’t that ironic? So I’m not in the least concerned about whether the dead are “really” affected by these posthumous conversions, only with public perception of this undoubtedly arrogant, disrespectful, and paternalistic practice AND the secretive and odd Mormon beliefs and practices in general. So I’m more than happy to point out, with documentary evidence, that Mormonism is NOT in fact a Christian faith even though I believe in neither of them. Sure, Jesus is a character in the Book Of Mormon but not in any way that agrees with Christian doctrine. I’m delighted to point out that their founder Joseph Smith was a convicted con man or that it wasn’t until 1978 that black people were allowed to join their church and only then because there was a SERIOUS risk their tax-exempt status would be revoked.

    You see, it turns out that Karma really IS a b*tch, because now it’s THEY who are asking for generosity and understanding this time around and many of us are more than happy to give Karma a boost if at all possible. And I DO believe that’s eminently fair since they’re being given EVERY BIT as much respect as they gave gay people in their various campaigns against our rights. Turnabout is fair play and it’s both Karma’s and payback’s turn this time.

  10. says

    @Shawn… “Posthumously and without his consent” is unfortunate wording because the dead can neither give nor withhold consent. They’re dead!

    Regarding your hypothetical: if you asked for your ashes to be dumped into the Pacific, it’s true that the act would be carried out posthumously (obviously) but it’s wrong to say “posthumous and with [my] consent” because consent is given when someone proposes something and you give your permission. The dead can’t give permission! In your hypothetical, they would be carrying out your instructions.