Westboro’s PhotoShop Picket of Whitney Houston’s Funeral Exposed


The Westboro Baptist Church didn't picket Whitney Houston's funeral, but they did post a 'shopped photo trying to prove that they did:

Star-Ledger reporters on the scene said access to that area had been restricted all day, and confirmed no active protests were occurring in the place depicted in the photograph.


  1. keke says

    That’s because they are cowards, the Black community wouldn’t tolerate such behavior and would have fought back tooth and nail.
    Maybe even pegged off a few if need be with a drive by, Just saying!

  2. Jeff says

    I thought a radio disc jockey made a deal with them. He would give them some air time in exchange for them not picketing at Miss Houston’s funeral.

    Did you know their main source of income was filing nuisance suits, then offering to settle out of court because it is a cheaper route for the people they sue? Isn’t there a commandment about bearing false witness?

  3. Bart says

    I didn’t Margie and her ilk would have the balls to actually picked Whitney’s funeral and I was right. They are weak little cowards reduced to photoshopping their stupidity then actually stepping out and doing it.

  4. Grover Underwood says

    I cannot understand why people pull stunts like this-the photoshopping-when they know damn well that they’re going to be exposed

    delusional perhaps?

  5. walter says

    knew those ugly pos wouldn’t show up in newark
    because they wouldn’t have made it out of town in one piece, which would have been a shame.

  6. Trouble Tones says

    Ummm…as an African American, I’d PAY Fred Phelps and his minions to protest a black funeral…of a community icon gone too soon…in New Jersey…(rolls eyes). Culturally, we don’t play that passive aggressive tears bull crap!

  7. says

    Cowards! Those Phelps freaks didn’t dare show up. They knew that Dionne Warwick and the rest of Whitney’s relatives would have served their asses to them on a plate!

  8. Tralfaz says

    Right on Trouble Tones. And I would pay any legal bills for anyone that knocked the ca-ca out of them Phelps freaks.

  9. pdxblueyes says

    Sounds like the haters are getting lazy. Looks like one of the Westboro clan figured out how to use their opposible thumbs and work Photoshop software…