1. cavill fan says

    I will see it just to look at him, but his very best days were probably in Tudors, which wasn’t a bad show, unlike this trite looking CIA plotted potted story line.

  2. Michael W. says

    I like Bruce Willis but I am a little tired of seeing him in this kind of role. I can’t take him seriously anymore. RED was fantastic though…it was a little more tongue-in-cheek…

  3. oh.come.on says

    It’s the cast of the early nineties…+H Cavill, what more can you ask for. A little entertainment, it’s not the end of the world. I for one will see this on a Sunday afternoon in Paris and be very happy. Bruce Willis works for me since he did The Fifth Element, an obnoxious but a convincing actor, and I’m glad to see Sigourney continue her career, as we have yet to see the best of her in the future (think Maggie Smith—or Shirley Maclaine for that matter). Cheers.

  4. uffda says

    Plotline: CIA. Snore. So over. Likewise Willis. Explosions. Crashes. Two minutes to the Final Explosion. Save. Catharis. Complete nonsense. Ryan’s got it: Cheap.

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