1. yonkersconquers says

    Such a talent. Like later, better George Michael a bit, but I’m loving the electro new wave dance feel to the album. No one’s making better pop music.

  2. D.B. says

    Nice video. A very similar concept to British choreographer Matthew Bourne’s 2002 ballet “Play Without Words,” where each character was represented by three identically dressed dancers, moving in tight unison.

  3. Jason says

    This album is absolutely fantastic! Why is it that Will Young is not popular on American mainstream? It’s just ridiculous what America is missing! Nobody local carries the CD so I had to order the album as an import.

  4. James says

    Why oh why is Echoes not available here in the US? I want to buy it but I see it nowhere on iTunes or Amazon MP3s and I just know if I go to a record store they’ll have an import and it’ll be a gazillion dollars.

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